Shape Over Scales: Week Two Reflections

Hey, I hope you all had a good weekend! If you’re catching up from over the weekend the posts are just below.
Saturday: Therapeutic.
Sunday: Little Red Riding Pug.


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Space To Work

I have temporarily relocated!


Usually, I work, blog, and browse the internet with my laptop literally on my lap. But with assignments and a fast approaching exam on the horizon I can no longer concentrate in the busy goings on downstairs. I wonder why? Continue reading

Little Red Riding Pug

You would not believe the day we had. After the forecast I read about on Twitter last night, I was anticipating noting but rain, rain, rain… so we slept in again this morning, which was fabulous. I didn’t sleep the whole way through the night because I got up at 3 in the morning when the rain had eased to take Polly to toilet. When we went to bed it was raining so hard that she refused to go. I couldn’t sleep knowing she hadn’t been so I was happy to take her out in the night when the rain wasn’t pouring down so hard. Polly thinks the rain stinks…


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The wet weekend has well and truly set in for the night. But instead of complaining about the weather (I expect that I will do my fair share of complaining tomorrow when I’m bored all day long) I plan on enjoying the sound of the rain from the comfort of my lovely warm bed. Listening to the rain falling against the windows outside is a sound that I find so therapeutic and relaxing.


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Wednesday Treats

Happy Hump day! Can you believe its the middle of another week? I’m getting sick of all this continuously wet weather we’re having here in Kent. It sucks. I know its good for the garden but eurgh its just wretched! What’s worse is that I’m hearing everyone say that May is forecast to be a rubbish month too! I hope they’ve got that wrong anyway. Today has been one of those rainy days where nothing exciting happens at all. The one good thing about the rain was that it enabled me to sleep in this morning until 8.30 – the latest I’ve woken up since Polly came home in February. It was blissful.  Well we had nothing to rush up for on a day like today!


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Pleasantly Surprised

The rain today was less than pleasant, but I was pleasantly surprised when Mum and I took Polly for a wet and windy walk around the fields this afternoon, which she loved! The weather is forecast to be bad all week, and the sky stayed very unchangeable all day. We kind of just decided now to get on with things despite the weather because we can’t keep Polly trapped inside for the whole week. I imagine that most dogs stayed firmly put in their beds looking out begrudgingly at the rain today, but not this one. So with our raincoats and wellies at the ready, (and a towel in the back of the car for Polly’s mucky return) the three of us took a walk through some of the fields behind Mote Park.


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Shape Over Scales: Week One Reflections

Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was good fun! You can catch up with my weekend posts here:
Saturday: My Kind Of Day
Sunday: The Dogs Tweet-Up Again

So this is the first post in my new series Shape Over Scales.  If you missed the introduction you can find out what its all about by clicking here. I had a really good week thinking about this project, what I’m going to do to work towards it and very importantly what topics to blog about as I go along to get my brain engaged! So lots of good posts to come hopefully! I’m also going to set myself mini-goals at the end of each post so watch out for those!

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My Kind Of Day

Hey! I hope you had a great Saturday, I had a really good one! Today was definitely my kind of day, it involved: exercise, allotment, doggy walking, shopping and curry! What a combination! Amazingly I managed to squeeze in a little bit of everything throughout the day. Consequently I am beaten now. My morning started vey much like any other, apart from the addition of a pug in the laundry basket.


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