The wet weekend has well and truly set in for the night. But instead of complaining about the weather (I expect that I will do my fair share of complaining tomorrow when I’m bored all day long) I plan on enjoying the sound of the rain from the comfort of my lovely warm bed. Listening to the rain falling against the windows outside is a sound that I find so therapeutic and relaxing.


Generally speaking, my Saturday evening was a pretty relaxing one as far as they go. I stayed in, kept warm, took a bubble bath, stroked the pug, painted my nails, drank tea and watched a film. It was actually really nice. Exactly the sort of night I needed to finish a pants week on.


We finally watched My Week With Marilyn after about a month of it sitting in the plastic seal. Dad ordered it from Amazon as soon as it was released but we never got round to watching it, as we hardly ever make the time to sit down and watch films anymore. Tonight we had no excuses. It felt good to just sit in the living room together chilling out for a couple of hours.


The film was very easy to watch and follow, I enjoyed the British feel to it with the classic cars and clips of the countryside. Michelle Williams portrayed the part wonderfully however, I just felt like the film was missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but it didn’t give me Goosebumps like I imagined it would.

I hope you can make the most of the weekend whatever the weather is where you are! x


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