Shape Over Scales: Week One Reflections

Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was good fun! You can catch up with my weekend posts here:
Saturday: My Kind Of Day
Sunday: The Dogs Tweet-Up Again

So this is the first post in my new series Shape Over Scales.  If you missed the introduction you can find out what its all about by clicking here. I had a really good week thinking about this project, what I’m going to do to work towards it and very importantly what topics to blog about as I go along to get my brain engaged! So lots of good posts to come hopefully! I’m also going to set myself mini-goals at the end of each post so watch out for those!


But seen as though I’ve only really been thinking about the project for about a week now, I’m still in the ‘planning every detail out’ stage so the first week was a bit of a test run for the real thing which I’m starting properly today. It was good to have a test run because I always find that the first few weeks are the toughest before you get started. I’m really trying to get my ‘healthy’ approach in place but its difficult where I love my food so much. It will get easier!

So how did I find the first week? Well in terms of exercise I felt really motivated, I took five classes at the gym (aerobics Monday & Tuesday, Pilates Wednesday, Power Yoga Friday and Spin Saturday) plus walking Polly daily, so my activity levels have got to be pretty decent. But exercise isn’t really an issue, its my will power when food is placed in front of me that is my problem. I really tried to be good last week but its difficult as I want to say yes to all the delicious food my mum cooks up. So for the time being I think baby-steps are going to be the way forward. For example, trying to eat less at the meal table, cutting down on bread, ketchup etc.


In an attempt to start week two on a positive note: I’ve already done one class, my Monday Mix & Match keep fit and toning blast. And  for lunch I’ve eaten: humus, salad, crackers and an apple. Consumed at the dining room table whilst blogging and drinking a coffee on the side.


Goal for the week: write down everything I eat, I used to find that it helped me keep track of things, and realise exactly what I’ve been chomping on throughout the day!


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