Restarting The Puppy Days

Evening everyone I hope you’re all having a good week so far. I’ve been struggling to know how to start this post as I can’t decide what pug to write about first! Its been an eventful few days for everyone to say the least. Plus we’re all feeling fatigued from the early starts and the hectic routine that comes with a little puppy. But here is just a little overview of our first few days.

If you follow my blog or twitter stream you should know lots about Polly already, and as Peggy’s the new girl that everybody’s keenly asking me about I will start the focus on her.

Just in case you didn’t know, Peggy joined the family on Sunday **

I was stunned by just how quickly Peggy seemed to fit in to her new surroundings. She eased her way comfortably in to the new household in just a few short hours. The first thing that we did when we arrived back was take both the girls out to the garden, bearing in mind that they had already briefly met in Peggy’s kitchen, but there was still a lot of sniffing each other out in our home garden. After a short while we managed to get Peggy to go to toilet, which was a really promising start for us [More on training in a separate post tomorrow]

We had no problem whatsoever in getting Peggy to stick to her feeding routine as she is a right greedy little piglet! You tend to read that in the early stages of moving into a new home a puppy’s appetite won’t be good, and as I recall this was the case with Polly for a few days where she was picky with her food. But Peggy tucked right in to her meals which was a relief!

And finally, to finish with a question that everyone has been tweeting and asking me – how are the two girls getting on?

My honest answer for now, is that time will tell. Its still very early days and both the pugs have a lot to adapt to! They seem to be doing ok, however it really is hard to make a judgement yet when its so soon. I’m a tiny bit concerned for at the moment, because Peggy is at that nipping stage where she will just bite everything – toes, fingers and pug tails. But I can tell Polly doesn’t really like Peggy constantly keep nipping her and there have been a few growls of frustration and confused looks from Polly as if to say ‘is that thing still here, biting me?’

So until Peggy can learn to stop nipping, we’re keeping the girls at paws length because I don’t want to start their sisterhood on a negative tone. It not spiteful biting its just that young puppy nature and she is too little to know the difference between good and unacceptable behaviour yet, but I’m confident that she will learn and I have hope that they will soon adore each other.

Sorry for a lack of pictures in this post, but I was at work some of the day and in between pug sitting I haven’t had chance to whip the camera out today. I’ve got tomorrow off so I plan on getting a few shots in so stay tuned for puppy pics.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the night x


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