Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself

Sometimes I can’t help myself.


Oh scrap that. SometimesI can’t help myself.

Let me start this post again. I can’t help myself. There I said it. I admit that I am very much  a ‘see it, want it’ type of girl. This is both a good Continue reading



Today I wave goodbye to my teen years. Its a shame that I can’t wave goodbye to some of the horrifically goofy pictures of me as a teenager but at the same time looking at some of them did give me a good laugh. What did I look like? At least I can say I’m not afraid to laugh at myself! Here are a few pictures of me across my teens – spoiler alert – they are not pretty…. Continue reading

More Challenges

I can’t really say I’m having a good week. I’m in one of those frames of minds where nothing eases my mood, nothing seems to pacify me. I must be a nightmare to live with. Even more of a nightmare is living inside my own head right now. I can be a painful little wotsit, believe me I know. But then again, I think I’ve been a pretty decent, hassle free teenager while its lasted so maybe I’m entitled to my moments of utter moodiness?

And at least I can sort of explain my moodiness Continue reading

I Am A January Joiner

Yesterday in my post I mentioned the January Joiners. Because of the time of year it is, my gym is way busier than usual which both pleases me and annoys me. We’re in that cursed period where loads of people decide to see the new year in with a new gym membership. But for me this month this has meant a busier gym, busier classes and  a busier swimming pool. The facilities would appear to be at an all time peak. Sometimes I barely have room to shower or get dry where the changing rooms become so crowded with people. Its a little bit of a headache and makes me stress out.

Christmas Eve (7)

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24 Months Of My Life In Blackberry Pictures

I still can’t blog properly. Its driving me nuts. Not being able to use my laptop makes me realise how much I take it for granted. Thinking smile

Seen as though I can’t upload any pictures from my Nikon I thought I’d get creative in a post. My Blackberry contract is coming to an end soon, I’ve got a curve 8520 at the moment and its served me well but Continue reading

10 Personal Questions

I’m a sucker for these types of things Winking smile

What do you have on your bedside table?

On my bedside table I have a lamp for reading in the evenings, a box of tissues, my pills, a candle and a glass drink coaster. I also have an ornamental bowl that has dried roses in. The roses were from the boyfriend on our first anniversary. *

Do you have a tattoo?

No. Tattoos are increasingly popular and everyone seems to love the things, but honestly, I’m not a big fan of them. Some people suit tattoos, and sometimes if they’re small and not in your face I think that they’re okay. But for me, there’s just the issue of how they look on old wrinkly skin, not nice! I don’t know, they’re just not my thing?

Do you believe in abstinence prior to marriage?

I’m not really a person who is easily influenced by things, but the way in which sexuality is promoted in the media, I never even considered abstinence before marriage. I think its sad the way that sexuality is thrust upon us at such a young age.

When I was thirteen some girls in my class called me ‘frigid’because I hadn’t kissed a boy before. Actually it was because I was a bit of a geek who liked my own space and thought boys were a waste of time because they were so immature. But, I was so hurt by the name they called me and I felt really ashamed for a very long time. So at the first opportunity I had, I kissed some boy I didn’t even know and it was the worst thing ever. My first kiss was something I would love to forget! And basically from that moment I knew that I wouldn’t be pressured into anything else again – especially sex! I knew I would have sex when I was ready, and in a relationship with somebody I trusted and cared about.

What is your worst habit?

I have a few of these unfortunately. I’m addicted to Facebook and Twitter. Not healthy/productive/useful/going to get me ANYWHERE in life .. but I can’t help going on the bloody things every day. One day I’ll grow out of it. I tut when I’m annoyed and it drives my mum and dad crazy. And I moantoo much about trivial things, when I should really just enjoy my life because it is good and despite moaning I’m actually a pretty happy girl.

How do you handle finances in your relationship? Or, how would you like to handle money in your future relationship?

Handling finances in my relationship isn’t really appropriate right now as we both live at home. But I’d like to think it could be one day. I’m not really very smart with numbers, but I’m smart with money and I save it very well. (My new years resolution was to save at least a hundred pound a month, and so far I’ve achieved this!)

But in handling finances in my relationship I’d like to think I would transfer the knowledge I have about saving money, so we would be secure and have money to fall back on. I also would like to think money would be equal in my relationship for us both to share. But because I’m a bit of a feminist I’d also like to have my own, small, separate bit of money for myself that I could spend however I felt appropriate. Not a lot but just maybe pocket money for a rainy day?

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

I wouldn’t change my name, I’ve had it for nineteen years now so its sort of stuck Winking smilebut I LOVE making up names for things. When I was a little girl I would spend countless hours naming Barbies, teddies, characters in stories I wrote, Sims on the Sims 2! You get the picture.

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

I think it would be so romantic to visit Rome with the boyfriend one day. But honestly, I’m very happy to go anywhere (within limits) that I could call a holiday: I adore holidays within England because I love staying in a cottage somewhere cosy and beautiful. Yet I love getting away somewhere with an exotic temperature too.

What is one political cause you feel strongly about?

I’m not very political but I seem to dislike a lot about what the government does. Does that make me political ?! Hah. But one political cause I feel strongly about is the rising university tuition fees. No need to explain why this infuriates me to the bones.

Have you ever stolen anything?

No. But I walked out of WHSmith with a gel pen by accident when I was younger and felt so bad I wanted my mum to write them a letter of apology for me to explain it was an accident. LOL.

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.

See the last comment.


* When I reread what I put about dried roses I thought it sounded a bit skanky, but its not as odd as it may sound: died roses in a bowl above. Quite lovely actually.