Things I’m Loving: November

I’m a bit behind on the post this month, but here it is anyway, all the things I’ve enjoyed in November. Considering its been a shitty month there have been some good things keeping my sanity!

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From One Ford To Another

I have some exciting news! After saving hard all year long I decided that I wanted to get a new car. I’ve been thinking about changing my car for a little while now but the other day I went down to our local Ford dealer and I knew it was time to actually do it! I really love my KA, it was the best first car I could have asked for – easy to drive and park, economical and such a fun colour!


But even when I first got my car in 2009, I knew that I wouldn’t keep it forever. I grew up with my mum and dad changing their cars every couple of years so I’m well used to swapping vehicles about. We’re lucky enough to be in a position to do that, and I guess I’m already following in their footsteps!


I think that I’m done with the pink car business for now. It was fun while it lasted but I’m looking for something completely different this time. I think if people see what I’m going to be driving in the next few days they may think that I’ve changed genders – I’m picking up a blue Fiesta on Wednesday morning Open-mouthed smile 


I am so excited to get a Fiesta Wednesday! When I bought my KA I was still learning how to drive so I didn’t quite get to enjoy the moment of driving away with a new car. But Wednesday morning I will be able to do this Open-mouthed smile 

I will miss my KA in a funny way as it has some lovely touches to it, and after all it was my first ever car! We had a special bond – but our time has come now. I’m ready for a Fiesta!


Today I’ve been clearing out all of my possessions in my car ready to move them into the Fiesta. God I didn’t realise how much stuff you accumulate in your car over the years! My boot is full of junk.


At least I’m organised enough to put all my junk into one basket, but I still have so much crap in there! Its like I can justify putting rubbish in there because its in a neat little corner? Note to self: don’t put so much junk in the Fiesta (not going to happen)


And the KA isn’t the only car we’re saying farewell to this week – my Mum and Dad are picking up a new car on Wednesday too! They are trading in their red Fiesta for a Focus in bright orange, it is so beautiful! We are very lucky to be getting two new cars in one week!

Roll on Wednesday!

A Busy Weekend Before A Busy Week

I love weekends off! Weekends in our households are either pretty laid back or incredibly hectic. This one was a hectic one! From the minute I got up yesterday morning its been go, go, go! I’m in a really good mood after such a fabulously lively weekend. And I’m pretty sure my mood will hang around because I’ve got another busy week ahead of me!



Yesterday morning, Mum and I went to an aqua aerobics class at the gym. We’ve been to one similar before, however the one yesterday was taken by another instructor and so was totally different. We both found yesterdays class a lot more challenging as the instructor incorporated weights and floats. It was a fun workout so we put our names down for next weeks class! We quickly came home for some lunch and then it was straight back out to the allotment.


Before we went to the allotment we made a quick decision to head to the garden centre as my Mum wanted some bulbs, we also got this seat which can be used either to sit on or turned upside down to kneel on. It was half price reduced to £15 from £30! Quite a bargain. Bonus points for it being pink too Winking smile


So yesterday once we got to the allotment it was back to more digging. Our goal was to build another trench at the edge of the plot to create a nice path around the edge (see arrows)

Eventually we want to fill the trench with stones so that it looks like this:


This is the path around my grandparent’s plot.


We were up at the allotment for a good few hours busying ourselves away and we finished the path along the edge but it still needs filling with flint eventually. I’m really enjoying our new hobby – its hard work but really satisfying Smile


Our evening was slightly more chilled out, we enjoyed a delicious curry and then watched Bridesmaids. I enjoyed the film but I was expecting it to be funnier? Everyone that told me to watch it made it out to be hilarious, and yes it was funny but I wasn’t in stitches over it.



We’ve been meaning to go to London for a while now, but there hasn’t really been a right time to take a day trip up there. But today we finally made the effort to go, and it was totally worth it – we had a lovely day just the three of us.


We got the train to Charing Cross and then walked along to Covent Garden. We were really lucky with the weather because the morning started off really rainy and grey so we were a bit worried that it was going to spoil our day. But luckily as the morning went on the rain completely cleared up we were blessed with sunshine and beautiful blue skies! Smile


As we approached the square in Covent garden we were greeted by a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with red baubles. Suddenly I got that warm fuzzy feeling that means only one thing: Christmas is coming! I instantly felt festive and cheerful. Cue: holiday music!


Mum and Dad in front of the tree Smile


Then inside the market area there were all these giant baubles hanging from the ceiling – it was so classy. How pretty is the red theme too? My mum now wants to have a red theme going on in our house when we put our decorations up and I couldn’t agree more!


We spent some time browsing round all the little stalls, looking at all the pretty jewellery



Winter goodies,


And interesting foods.


Red is obviously the colour this year for the Christmas decorations.



Afterwards we headed out of the hustle and bustle slightly in the direction of Costa. Along the way we did some window shopping.






I went for something a little bit different today, usually my order is a latte or an iced drink. But I tried a mocha today which was lovely.


My mum ordered off the festive menu, some fancy latte but she wasn’t too impressed with it. Dad played safe with a cappuccino.


Outside Costa there was a Cath Kidston store which Mum and I spent around 20 minutes browsing round. I love everything Cath Kidston Smile Amazingly we only bought one thing, a little Christmas gift.


More browsing.



And more sight seeing.





Such a good weekend, its put me in a great frame of mind for the week ahead which is going to be full of fun shenanigans! x

Friday Update

Here we are again at the end of another week, and almost at the end of another month. I can’t believe we’re in the last month of the year next week. That is crazy! Anyway this week has flown by as per usual so here is a quick blogging update Smile

I was initially going to just fly over this week but when I looked at my blog I realised I’ve hardly posted at all this month, so maybe a general update for November would just be best?


November was totally surreal with my Granddad passing away. I kind of just carried on my life as normal: I went to work as normal, I did my university assignment as normal, I went to the gym as normal and so on.. Life moved forward, but my feelings about it seemed to be frozen. There isn’t really a cure for loss.

The funeral was Tuesday and the whole day really comforted me, my Dad did such a brilliant job doing his old man proud. Since the funeral I’ve been feeling a little more myself.


Wednesday morning I woke up feeling stiff and sore, however an hour on the mat in Pilates class was the perfect remedy and I left feeling like a new woman. In the afternoon Mum and I headed to our new hobby, the allotment, for a spot more digging! Here is a quick reminder of how we’ve done so far.


Week One started on Sunday 13th November, where we literally begun from scratch with a plot of land. In the first week we dug a trench horizontally across and then joined it vertically down the far corner of the plot. (See the arrows in below picture.)



Week Two started on 20th November. So Wednesday we were in our second week, however when we arrived we spotted a small problem:


Moles! Sad smile See that mole hill there? Yes, well there were dozens of these scattered across the plot. The whole point of the trenches was to divert any moles! We hope that they will soon realise that there is activity going on on the plot and go elsewhere! So with that in mind, we dug.


We chose a spot for some future planting and started digging the land. Most of it was quite soft but there was still plenty of flints making it hard work! I was pretty cold because I was silly and didn’t wear enough warm clothes, so we didn’t stay too long. However we still got a good bit of digging done!


We finished off at this stage.


Team work!

Yesterday I was a busy bee again: I submitted my first essay, went to the gym, took my Grandma to Primark and then see my cousin afterwards, went back to her house for a cup of tea and then went for a Costa with my friend Fran in the evening. By the way, isn’t it starting to feel festive now? I love it!

Today has been boring as I have work later.  But I have a fun filled weekend off ahead of me! More on that tomorrow x

In Each Lovely Thing

Its a sad fact that life must come to an end one day. For my Granddad, this day was on the 5th Novemberand today was his funeral. It was a strangely moving day. I thought that I was going to feel sad and upset but it was actually all quite touching. Everything went smoothly and it was exactly the send off my Granddad deserved. The only thing that could have been better was a little bit of sunshine to cheer the day up a little bit. It was damp and misty all day long, but thankfully it wasn’t too cold.


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My Favourite Part Of The Morning

When my alarm went off at 7.15 this morning, on my day off, part of my soul felt a little crushed. But yes I did just put the words ‘favourite’ and ‘morning’ into the same sentence. My favourite part of Wednesday mornings is easily: Pilates class. It is so worth getting out of bed early for!


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We Have A New Hobby

Today was officially the starting point of our weird and wonderful new hobby. The sunshine set our motivation sky high this morning, so we got stuck straight in to work on the allotment with our wellington boots at the ready!




Before I go any further on our busy day today I want to rewind to last night, as it was our friend John’s birthday and we went out for a nice meal together at The Smallholders. There was us three, Gary, my mum’s parents and obviously John. The men watched the second half of the England V Spain match on one of the big screen televisions by the bar while I sat with my mum and grandma keeping a table reserved for our meal.


The food arrived just before the game finished, but I didn’t mind because I was hungry (but when am I not?) I ordered an awesome vegetable lasagne dish, which was thoroughly delicious. I gave a fair amount of my chips to Gary because I wanted to save room for dessert when we got home.


My dad bought a flamboyant looking poppy for Remembrance day which he is modelling in the above picture. It proved a good source of amusement for most of the evening as he was convinced that it got bigger as the night went on, and in effect lead us to spot out for anyone else who had ‘a big one’


I had a play around with the new iPhone’s camera whilst our dinner was settling down.


We didn’t stay out late because my Grandpop loves the dancing on a Saturday evening. We therefore got promptly back to watch Strictly on catch up. It was fun to watch the show with everyone round, and my mum made an apple crumble which we all got to enjoy while viewing it.


I was happy because I finally got the chance to wear my new jacket out last night! Open-mouthed smile My man also looked rather handsome in his Superdry jacket which also made me happy.

The evening finished once our late night coffee sunk and the weariness begun to kick in. It was quite a late evening for us by the time the lights were out and I knew I had a busy day ahead of me today!





From the minute I got up this morning it was all go: we were down at the leisure centre by 9am where we spent some time in the gym followed by a swim, we got back and had time for a quick coffee and I packed some lunch for when we were at the allotment.

But I got hungry so ended up eating it before we even left…

Allotment: Week 1 – Project Dig!


Okay so let’s talk business. Today was Day One and officially the start of our new project down at the allotment, which seemed a bit overwhelming as there looks like a lot to do. However when we drove up to the site and I saw just what a gorgeous November day it was, it didn’t seem nearly so bad.



We met grandma and pops briefly but they couldn’t stay long as they already had other plans for the day, which was a shame but we still managed to get busy under some instructions they guided us with.


It turned out to be just mum and I in the end because dad was visiting nan to see how she was today. Needless to say, but we still managed to get a fair bit done!


Basically we have a lot of flint to contend with so one of the biggest things to start off with on the allotment was digging.


And so today we begun by making a trench across part of the allotment dividing it up in two sections. We did this for a few reasons, one being to divert any possible moles and the other because we are sharing the plot with my aunt’s partner so it separates it slightly.


Above is how the plot looked before we began work on it.


In this picture above, you can see where we have made a little bit of progress digging a trench – which by the way isn’t as easy as it may seem.


We had some planks of wood to guide us as we dug our trench across the width of the plot. Mum and I alternated between digging and shovelling the mud out. After each bit of the trench was dug out we used the heels of our boots to smooth the soil out and then refill the land up with unwanted stones.


Birdseye view of the trench we were digging:


A few hours later we finished digging the trench the whole width of the plot, however we haven’t had time to fill the trench with stones yet but eventually that is the aim, to fill it up with flint.


Standing back and looking at the plot from a distance you can see the work that we did today… Plus how much is still left to do, but that’s all part of the process I suppose!



Overall thoughts:
Its obviously still early days and when you see how much work is ahead of you it is difficult to picture everything once its all done. However as soon as all of the initial setting up is complete and it looks more like an allotment you can probably relax more. It feels quite hands on at the moment but that is definitely part of the fun and appeal to having an allotment. I’m really looking forward to the actual planting and growing process, but for now I will enjoy watching the land fall into place and turn into our own little piece!


When I came home I spent the rest of the afternoon sweeping all the leaves in our back and front garden so it felt like I was on my feet all day long. I’ve spent the evening trying to reclaim some of my energy by tuning in to the Sunday night results shows, but it obviously didn’t work because I feel pooped now!

Boy I’m going to sleep well tonight!

Mud, Mud And More Mud

What did I see on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month of the eleventh year? Well mud, if you hadn’t already guessed.








This afternoon mum and I took a drive up to my grandparents allotment. The fog has been thick all day and I underestimated the scale of the mud. There was a lot of it. Stodgy, slippery, sticky mud.


What’s not to love? Winking smile

My grandparents started their allotment back in the summer and it has quickly grown to be a hobby that they are keenly interested in. Weather permitting they are up there as much as they can. Although at first we thought it was a big commitment for a couple their age to embark on, we’ve since come to see that its actually really nice that they have a hobby they enjoy…

So much so that we are getting the empty allotment plot next to theirs! Yes, we are getting an allotment. Behold the next crazy endeavour our family is taking on.


Yes we must be mad. Mud? Digging? Freezing temperatures? Check!


Bring it on!


I’m thinking about all the veggies we’re going to be able to grow Open-mouthed smile

It will be fun to watch the development of it all though, seeing it start out from just a plot of land to a place where things are grown. In a strange way I think it will be nice and rewarding.


I’m going to keep the blog updated with everything allotment related.



I’ve struggled to find the strength to write on my blog this week. I didn’t know if it was appropriate to write a cheerful post after the week I’ve had. But at the same time I don’t want to write something sad or depressive on here.

Having new tasks and things to keep my mind busy with have been helping me this week. Especially my new toy:


My granddad passing away on Saturday has been tough to say the least, but I’m doing what I always do, I’m putting my head down and trying to be strong.