A Glimpse Of The 2012 Olympics

Hello how we doing on this hot Thursday afternoon? So yesterday I went to Greenwich for my Mum’s birthday and we had a really lovely, relaxing time. I actually took a bit of a break from my camera yesterday, sometimes I need a rest from my toy as its become such an everyday item for me lately. However when I saw the transformation of the city’s lovely old park I had to snap a few, quick shots of my only ‘in person’ glimpse of the 2012 Olympics. I thought I could just share them with you on my blog.


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Our Jubilee Celebrations

Good morning, how is your long bank holiday weekend going so far? I had a lovely Saturday and Sunday soaking up the jubilee festivities. Despite the dismal weather across most of the country I think its fair to say that everyone still managed to keep up the jolly spirit for the jubilee weekend! Well they did in this house anyway! Saturday kicked off with a jubilee themed BBQ at our house.


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The Diamond Jubilee – Love It Or Loathe It?

I’m pretty sure that every person across Britain is aware that the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is this weekend – a national celebration in honour of her sixty years on the throne. And if you didn’t know.. well, hello where have you been hiding?! Whether you love it or loathe it, we’re all in for a big weekend of nonstop Jubilee festivities.

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Four Valentines

Hello, how was your Valentine’s Day? Whether you spent it with boyfriend/ girlfriend/ partner/ friend or family I hope that someone made you feel special yesterday. To clarify on the post’s title, I do not have four valentines – but I have spent the last four Valentines with the same person! I can certainly say that I had a different Valentine’s Day to what I’m used to, but then again everything feels a little bit different now I’ve got Polly in my life.


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