Shape Over Scales

I have some fun news to announce! Earlier this week my mum booked our family holiday! We’ve been lightly mentioning a holiday in our household for a while now but obviously things are very different this year! We have Polly for a start so that rules out an abroad holiday which surprisingly I’m not too gutted about, she easily outweighs an exotic week in the sun. Who knows, maybe once she’s older in a few years time I might be willing to leave her but that won’t be for a while yet! So anyway, over the bank holiday weekend we had a good think about holidays and finally decided on something – we’ve booked a cottage in Dorset! I’m so chuffed we’ve finally booked something because it gives us all something to look forward to, and for me an incentive.. which leads me on to today’s post!


Booking a holiday is my favourite way to motivate myself back to my healthy ways. I want to go on holiday feeling and (hopefully) looking good! And do you know what? For the last two years I actually did feel happy with myself, I had beautiful holidays with some special memories. And although its unlikely that I will be prancing around England in a bikini on my holiday, I still want to feel good about myself while I’m away.


By now, I know what works and what doesn’t work for me in terms of achieving that ‘feel good’ goal. When I think of being good my brain automatically thinks of the bathroom scales. Even though I despise the scales with an undying passion. Honestly, I hate the scales. I step on, anxiously hold my breath for a second and look down at a number that always makes me feel miserable no matter what. I refuse to have a number bring me down!


And so for the last couple of years I haven’t set myself a specific ‘must lose 1 stone’ kind of goal. I try to set myself a non-specific goal because if I slip up (which I frequently do) I can’t really beat myself up about it too much. Instead I try and set goals on my strengths and weaknesses to achieve the best results.

Now that my holiday is confirmed, there is no better time to start working towards my feel good goal. I’m pleased to say that I’ve still got plenty of time, twenty weeks tomorrow actually, but I really want to get myself motivated right now because I love having a goal to work towards. I love the blogging/twitter community because I know that there are lots of us out there trying to get motivated for our summer holidays, and its so encouraging to read and hear from others in similar situations. Which is why I have decided to introduce another new topic on my blog: Shape Over Scales!


Shape Over Scales will follow my journey this summer and hopefully encourage others to share theirs too. I decided on the title because I think its healthier to think of yourself in terms of shape rather than size, we’re always stamping a number above our heads – dress size 10, weighing 12 stone with size 6 feet for example. And sometimes I just get a little sick of thinking like that. Instead I’m all about shape, and how comfortable you personally feel in your own skin. Hopefully it will be the way forward for me this summer anyway.

So, what exactly is my plan then?

I narrowed my plan down to make it simple. Stick to a healthy diet. Maintain regular exercise.

Basically, I know my weakness. Its in the very title of my blog. Food. I’m back to that stage where I’m consistently having second helpings at the meal table and generally neglecting portion sizes completely. Mum dishes me up a man’s sized plate of food daily and I’ll always go back for seconds regardless of how much I even had to begin with! My jeans are feeling a little tight lately and I’m finding myself cringing at more and more pictures of myself taken recently.

But at the same time, there are some positives that I want to work with. Like the fact that generally speaking I do eat a bloody healthy diet! I’m always eating fruit and I’m obsessed with veggies! I recently cut crisps out of my diet which I’ve had as part of my lunch for as long as I’ve known (but replaced with those 107 calorie KitKat Bars just so I get a small kick of chocolate to keep me going.) I don’t eat Fast Food and oh yeah how could I forget, I don’t drink alcohol.

And my favourite part of all has to be the fact that I love to exercise. Genuinely. Hand on my heart, starting to do regular exercise is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Obviously this is a huge plus. However, at the same time I do think I’ve got in the habit of thinking ‘oh well I’ve exercised today I’m entitled to that….’ and I need to stop thinking like this if I want to shape up!


Next week’s post is going to be all about body parts. What part of your body do you love? And what part do you hate? And I’m also going to talk more specifically about what I plan on doing over the course of this project.


I hope you will enjoy reading this, join in or hopefully be motivated in a small way to change something this summer whether its for a holiday or just for yourself. As always thanks for reading! Grace x



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