My Kind Of Day

Hey! I hope you had a great Saturday, I had a really good one! Today was definitely my kind of day, it involved: exercise, allotment, doggy walking, shopping and curry! What a combination! Amazingly I managed to squeeze in a little bit of everything throughout the day. Consequently I am beaten now. My morning started vey much like any other, apart from the addition of a pug in the laundry basket.


That’s okay, its not like those sheets have just been washed or anything Polly….For some reason she loves the washing basket, its the perfect size for her to have a nosey, but today she really got herself comfortable in there! I think it interests her because there is always something to have a smell of and preferably, she likes the dirty laundry pile, mucky pup!


This morning at ten, mum and I took a spin class, so I fuelled up with a nice big bowl of corn flakes in my Cath Kidston breakfast set to keep me going.


Not to mention my traditional breakfast side of fruit: a banana. This one was a bit too spotty for my liking. But it served its purpose and got me through the morning until lunch. Spin class was exactly as I remembered it, gruelling. However where I’m a bit fitter than I was five months ago, I found it much more bearable. When I took my first class I struggled the entire forty-five minutes we were spinning, but today I managed to push myself through without a problem. I was pretty pleased about that.


Mum did really well for her first time but we both agree its not exactly an enjoyable class. It does feel good once you’ve done it though, a definite sense of accomplishment.

After spin, we came home for some lunch before taking a quick drive up to the allotment to say hello to grandma and pops. We didn’t stop for long because suddenly the time had got on and I had arrangements with Gary to go shopping to Bluewater after he finished work at two.


Shopping was something I was looking forward to very much! Now, I always love and look forward to a shop, but this time I really appreciated it because I haven’t been since the January sales. Having the expense of a new puppy, (vet bills, puppy classes and the initial cost of buying everything) just meant I didn’t have any money to spare for myself willy nilly. I also haven’t really had the time to go.

photo (7)

I’ve been craving a good old shop for ages now so I was more than happy about my trip to Bluewater today! The shops were busy, but not so busy that it wasn’t enjoyable.


I saw lots that I liked, (everything in the Cath Kidston store if money were no limit) a hoodie from Superdry that I resisted buying and I tried on lots of pretty dresses in Apricot.


Recently I really like Apricot as I think the clothes are very flattering, the range of colours in the dresses are gorgeous and if you wanted to you could really experiment with accessorising makeup/shoes/jewellery. I loved the dress below:


Just look at the colours you could play with, greens, blues, purple and even a splash of red. My nail varnish today pretty well with it actually Winking smile


However, although I really liked this dress I’m just not really going anywhere that justified me buying a dress. My summer holiday isn’t until the end of summer so I will probably buy all of my clothes for that in the summer sales and it was too much of a ‘pretty’ dress to be worn casually. So I was a good girl and reluctantly gave it back to the shop assistant. Sad smile Although I did buy some pretty tops and a gorgeous jumper from Apricot instead.


Can you tell I’m in a green mood today by the way?

Other purchases included:


A pair of Loathers by Red or Dead, which I saw in Schuh and they instantly stood out to me. I love the practical colour and just think they look so smart. They were £60 with a 10% student discount so not too shabby.


They have some beautiful finishes to them.


And of course I didn’t leave the Cath Kidston store without a purchase.


I bought this super practical but cute box bag with a matching purse.


And then, if that wasn’t enough to make my day, my Mum made us all a gorgeous curry feast including chicken curry, tandoori and vegetable curry! Awesome. Very happy indeed.


To round the day off nicely, we took a chilly evening stroll round the block with Polly. It felt good to walk a bit of our big dinner off.

My kinda day all round! x


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