Shape Over Scales: Week Two Reflections

Hey, I hope you all had a good weekend! If you’re catching up from over the weekend the posts are just below.
Saturday: Therapeutic.
Sunday: Little Red Riding Pug.


Welcome back to the second post in a new series Shape Over Scales, where I will regularly be posting updates on how I’m trying to get myself ready for the summer holidays. Week two felt a lot better than the first week. But I think you need to slip up a few times in order to get back on track. Last week was all about getting focused.


At the end of the last post, I set myself a goal for week two which was to write down everything I eat. A week later I can now say that I successfully managed to achieve that goal! Keeping like a food journal is really good for managing your diet, you can watch exactly what you’re eating and keep track of yourself. Plus if you’ve been good you can give yourself a pat on the back, or if you haven’t you can shame yourself from being greedy.


If you’re trying to be good, I would recommend this method of writing down what you eat. Don’t make it a chore or a rubbish job. Make it bright and interesting! Otherwise it will just become another thing you will end up resenting. I found a cute old note book to jot down my daily eats and used some colourful Fineliner pens to brighten it up a bit. I’m definitely going to try and maintain it for a while as it really does help me stay focused.


Of course I don’t write down every last mouthful, nor do I measure out specifically what I eat but I document a general statement like ‘Weetabix and a banana.’ Set out simply through the main meals I eat (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner and Pudding)


I felt pretty good on the exercise front again in week two! Quite frankly I didn’t stop! Wherever possible I will try and squeeze in as much as possible to help me stay fit, the only day where I did nothing was Saturday because I was at work for nine hours and I guessed my body could do with the rest.

Week Two – Daily Workouts:
– Mix and Match.
Tuesday – Aerobic Body Conditioning.
Wednesday – Better Bottoms.
Thursday – 45 minute walk.
Friday – Power Yoga + 45 minute walk.
Saturday – Off.
Sunday – Zumba + 45 minute walk.

I took a total of five classes and even tried a new one Wednesday (Better Bottoms) so lets hope I’m fit by the summer!

Goal for the week: eat slower. Don’t rush meals, enjoy the food in front of me, savour every mouthful.


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