The Logical Way Of Painting A Rainbow

So, after yesterday’s mild disappointment I was determined to turn things around today and make myself glad that I bought my Nails Inc Set ‘I Can Paint A Rainbow.’ This time, I was going about it the right way though. I’m the first person to admit that yesterdays failed attempt was completely my own fault but I’m just putting that down to being too eager to try the set out. Today’s attempt was much more precise and logical. Below I have put together a step by step guide of exactly what I did to achieve a (much) better manicure.

Step One: The Essentials.


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I Can Paint A Rainbow

After reading Amy’s recent Nails Inc Haul I was instantly intrigued to try out the Nails Inc brand for myself for the first time. I’ve been meaning to try Nails Inc for absolutely ages but for some reason I never got round to it, but clearly the blogging community got me inspired once again. I was tempted to go straight online to Nails Inc and splash out and get a free gift, but I really couldn’t justify spending that much money at the moment. *Sigh* Anyway I had a search on the internet and found a website that does free worldwide delivery, and free delivery is always a bit of a win for me so I went for it. I was close to just ordering the exact same set that Amy reviewed because it looks so nice, but I decided to go for something a little different instead.


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A Handmade Gift

Hello and a very happy Mother’s Day to you all!


I think that I am becoming one of those people who occasionally gives quirky little gifts. Good quirky though. Personally I quite like receiving quirky gifts because I think they’re fun – heck I got a packet of courgette seeds for one of my Christmas presents last year. I must get the trait from my mum. Speaking of my mum, I hardly ever know what to buy her and Mother’s day is always especially tough! Last Mothering Sunday I had to resolve to buying her favourite face cream for her, my ideas were that pressed. This year I tried to be a bit more creative, for Mother’s Day. Continue reading