The Dogs Tweet-Up Again

Does your dog have Twitter?


These pooches do. They love to Tweet and they are lucky enough to have tweet-ups with their local pals. A big group of dogs (and humans) from around Kent had a tweet-meet last month and everyone enjoyed it so much we agreed to organise another meet straight away. Sadly, the turn out for our second tweet-up wasn’t as big today but the pooches still had a blast! It was Team Pug + Spinone with Arthur, Polly and Baldrick! And there may have only been three dogs today but the energy and fun they ooze made it feel more like there were thirty of them rather than three.


We played safe and went back to Shorne Woods Country Park as its a central meeting point for all of us. The weather forecast wasn’t promising so over the last week we really had to play it by ear but yesterday we decided to go for it, and luckily the rain stayed clear and we were even blessed with some blue skies and fluffy white clouds!


It made all the difference having a spot of sunshine, last time it was grey and cold and it felt like we were walking around completely new surroundings! The park looked bright and beautiful in the sunlight.


The dogs came straight off their leads, and with that Baldrick went splashing straight into the stream running down the side of the foot path. Everyone watched on with big smiles as he weaved in and out of the water, Arthur following closely on dry land.


Us dry humans all walked on, nervously wondering who Baldrick was going to shake his wet muddy body over Winking smile 


I think he saved it for his Mum though?


Pretty sure Lynda is more than used to that by now though haha!


Arthur was more worried about his sis on the monkey bars than Baldrick making him dirty though!


Polly who has just watched Georgie, copies and does monkey bars up on Jo’s legs. Winking smile

DSCN4354We passed lots of other dogs along the way, but none were as fun as our rowdy lot Winking smile


Two basset hounds we met.

Once we passed the pond, Baldrick had another big shake. (No humans were near this time)


Even though Arthur wasn’t wet, he copied his big friend.


And then, CHASE!


The chase went on,


and on,


and on!


It was such a joy to watch! Polly took it all in from afar. She knows her day will come.


Back in a leaded area and we all had a bit of a walk around. But we didn’t follow any routes so kept stumbling across dead ends!


We did pass another big pond, but no Baldricks were allowed in as it was strictly for fishing only.


Pug pose moment.


Me and my baby by the pond x



Before the weather had a chance to change, we all called it a day. Although we didn’t arrange to bring a picnic today, mum packed a flask of coffee so we went back to the picnic benches to have a quick drink before heading home.


Here’s a picture of Polly and Arthur to finish the post with Smile


We all had a great time and look forward to the next one, the more the merrier we say! Thanks to those today for a fun morning x


3 thoughts on “The Dogs Tweet-Up Again

  1. Grace I love this post! I adore the pictures of Arthur chasing Baldrick and beautiful little Polly taking it all in!! Gorgeous blog! x

    • Ah thank you it was such good fun! Its a shame you guys are all far away they would all have a blast together, they all got on so well! How was your weekend in the end? I read your blog post last night, I had the same problem.. post to follow haha! x x x

      • Ernie would love that!! My weekend was okay, just over too fast haha! The diet was a disaster, looking up this week hopefully xx

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