A Granddaughter Confesses

Confession: I haven’t taken a spin class since 5th November.

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Katie’s Back

A couple of weeks before Christmas, my mum and I took our first Mix And Match class with instructor Katie, I wrote about how much we enjoyed it in this post. It was sweat-your-guts-out kind of tough and your body ached all over the day after. Over the holiday period the class was obviously cancelled, but when it started back up again in the new year Katie didn’t return. There was a lot of talk about her being ill, but nothing much was ever confirmed. Another instructor Mel took Katie’s place while she was away, and her class gave you a good work out too.


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Another New Class

I’m all about classes lately, but this time I’m not talking about Yoga, Spin or Pilates classes. Today I’m talking about a dog training class. Yes you heard correctly! Last night on a bit of a spare of the moment thing, Polly, my mum and myself all went to a dog training class. It was definitely an eye opening experience, but it was good fun!


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Achieving Your Goals

Sometimes you set big goals. Sometimes you set little ones. Either way, its still a great feeling when you achieve them. When I joined my gym back in September I mentally made a note to myself, to try all of the different types of classes available. I think that its safe to say that I’ve slowly worked my way through that ‘To Try’ list. And it feels like I’ve achieved something positive from doing so.  When my mum joined shortly after I did, we started taking all these classes together – all but one. Continue reading

Mix And Match

AKA the class that kicked my butt this morning! I am such a donut sometimes, seriously I’ve been going to my gym for what, 3 months now and I only noticed this class yesterday. As I have an off peak membership I can only take daytime classes and I clearly didn’t pay any attention to Monday mornings on the timetable.

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Its All About The Muffin

Thank goodness its the weekend! My morning was dedicated to a spin class. Saturday morning spin classes are quickly going up on my list of favourite things! I’ve been looking forward to it all week, in a weird ‘I’m going to get my butt kicked’ sort of way! Hah. It was my third class today and I still found it tough but so rewarding! I can literally feel my  whole body working and I’m dripping sweat by the end of class. Not a pretty sight but hey!


After the class the instructor spends some time with us stretching out and we do this fantastic squat while holding on to the bike handles – it feels so good to stretch your legs after you’ve just worked them hard! I could stay in that position all day. Well I could try to anyway. Winking smile

As I was such a sweaty mess I jumped straight in the gym’s showers at 10.45 when class was over. My mum used the gym while I was spinning so we met up in the changing rooms to get ready together.

Then we had to go food shopping. By this point I was pretty hungry anyway so going food shopping only enhanced my hunger. All that was on my brain while I shuffled round Tesco was food, food, food, but more importantly how I wanted to eat, eat, eat!

So anyway, in my hungry state around Tesco I saw loads of tempting things I fancied. We were at the Bakery section  (which smelt oh so delicious) when I made a new food discovery.


Muffins. Now I’ve seen loads of bloggers talk about muffins and to me, I’m like, but that isn’t a muffin! When I think of a muffin I think of this:


A muffin is a cake in my eyes. I’ve just always thought of a muffin as a cupcake! However, these babies are not cake like but they are still so delicious, it was love at first taste! From now on, when I think of a muffin I’m thinking of these. My old version of a muffin is now going to be regarded as a cake.

My next food discovery was equally as brilliant.


Lemon curd! Oh my goodness me. I’m in food heaven today. And are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Lemon Muffin! Hell yeah!  Open-mouthed smile This was such a treat after my spin class. It was soft but slightly crunchy from the toaster, it was warm and it was sweet. Delicious! I was getting so excited about my new food discovery.


So excited that I took way too many pictures than a normal person should of a lemon muffin…. Embarrassed smile 


Okay so one more thing and I’ll shut up about the muffins Winking smile … I was also pretty surprised by the nutritional content, only 163 calories and 1.4g fat! Not only are these delicious but I’d say that they’re pretty healthy too.







Its nice to have a little indulgence that isn’t going to give you a muffin  Winking smile 

What I’m Wearing.


I’m loving the autumn feel in the air, even if it is kind of chilly there’s something cosy about it too! I wrapped up today!


I’m wearing a sleeveless Levis shirt (tucked in) with a fairly baggy H&M cardigan.


With a pair of light denim Levis jeans and a belt. I reckon that in the next few weeks I’ll be busting out the knee length boots! Can’t wait Open-mouthed smile


Purple studs.


With matching ring.


Fossil watch.


F.Y.I Nails are by Barry M Smile


I’ll be back with another food post later tonight! Smile