Guinea Pigs

I got my guinea pigs on the 11th June 2007 when they were around 6 to 8 weeks old. They are both girls and are extremely greedy little creatures Open-mouthed smile.

Fun Fact: when I first got them I had to keep them as outdoor pets in a hutch and put them away in the shed at night. But quickly the whole family adored the little girls too much and felt that there was too much distance in them being outside all the time so they now live in a big cadge and have taken over the guests room.

This is my earliest picture of them in their outdoor hutch.


Meet Calypso:

june 2008 022

And Caramel:

june 2008 019

june 2008 031

Fun Fact: Caramel is the ‘shy’ one and doesn’t like being petted in her cadge. Whenever somebody puts their hand in the cadge she will hop and dodge it until she is safe in her little bed. But if that hand is bringing food into the cadge its another story. So she isn’t really that shy Winking smile we also think she is the greediest.





Fun Fact: When they are hungry they stand up at the bars of their cadge and squeak at us as if to say “Feed me Mum!”  Winking smile cute little cries of hunger!

In the summer they stay out in the garden in a run/pen. They love grazing Open-mouthed smile.



Lypsie Lypsie (12)

LOL back in the tubby days Winking smile





Page Last Updated:07.07.11
It saddens me to add that Caramel passed away on Friday 24th June. She died from a stroke.


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