Polly is my lovely little pug, she was born on the 1st December so she is still only a baby. She might be small but she’s already made a big impact on my life. Having a puppy has been such a joy (but not going to lie it can be hard work at times though.) I’ve never had a dog before so Polly has opened my life up to so many new adventures and experiences. It is so much fun! I love my little fur baby and I love how she has given me something new in my life to write about and enjoy.

I write, talk, tweet, text and of course blog all about Polly all of the time. People think I’m mad or obsessed but if they had a pug they would understand that its just love. I’m passionate about a lot of things in my life so of course I am going to be passionate about my pug!


You can read about my journey to find Polly here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I also write a series called ‘Pug Stats’ a post that follows Polly’s growth and personal achievements. Each week I measure her up to see how much she’s growing and note how she has been getting. I’m really enjoying writing these posts and hope you enjoy reading them – its a sweet way of recording her journey from a puppy to beyond!

Love reading about Polly? Want more? Click here for all posts filed under Polly Pug for more pictures, videos and fun pug chat. As always – thanks for reading x


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