Wednesday Treats

Happy Hump day! Can you believe its the middle of another week? I’m getting sick of all this continuously wet weather we’re having here in Kent. It sucks. I know its good for the garden but eurgh its just wretched! What’s worse is that I’m hearing everyone say that May is forecast to be a rubbish month too! I hope they’ve got that wrong anyway. Today has been one of those rainy days where nothing exciting happens at all. The one good thing about the rain was that it enabled me to sleep in this morning until 8.30 – the latest I’ve woken up since Polly came home in February. It was blissful.  Well we had nothing to rush up for on a day like today!


Normally mum and I have Pilates at 8.30 on Wednesday mornings but our usual instructor has had laser eye treatment so couldn’t take the class this week. We decided to try another class that we haven’t done before at 9.45, called Better Bottoms which was another fun aerobic type class. 3 days of exercise already done for the week! Success!


I came home hungry so knocked up a big salad with humus and crackers. I’m loving this new lunch at the moment. Soon after I finished eating the postman knocked the door, bearing gifts. I think I mentioned the other day that when I went shopping, I saw a Superdry hoody that I resisted buying. When I told my dad he said that it had only been in the news a few days before that the company are struggling. Superdry, struggling? You could have fooled me seeing how busy their Bluewater store was on Saturday!


I can’t believe a popular branded store like this would be struggling. Superdry is one of my favourite brands for indulgent casual wear type clothes like tshirts and hoodies. I often make a purchase from Superdry whether its for myself or Gary, so I’d be a little stumped if one of the shops near us closed! Even though I showed will power on Saturday when I didn’t buy the hoody, I regretted it afterwards because I do actually wear my hoodies loads (I’m always cold and they’re so snuggly warm!) and even though summers kind of on the way, its always chillier in the evenings.


Plus the colour totally just won me over. But thankfully that is what the internet is for! Yes, I relented. Superdry – 1 Grace – 0. Meh! I’m happy with it and it lightened up my gloomy Wednesday!DSCN4494

Now, I know that £45 for a jumper with a hood is expensive, in comparison to the likes of Primark and New Look where you can probably get one nearer to £10, but anything with a logo is more pricey to start with and my Superdry hoodies are by far my favourite .


I like them because they’re not too short and cover my back (hate having my back on show) Plus the fleeced inside is so soft and cosy! Try one on and you will understand!


After the way I’ve felt today, I needed a little treat. Stuffs been getting to me a bit the last couple of days. I need to take a deep breath and start a fresh. Think positive. Think positive…


Polly got a treat today too. She’s quickly outgrowing and destroying her brown bed so I got her a lovely new big girl’s bed with matching cushion. But boy doesn’t she look pissed off about it? I think she prefers the kind of treats she can eat. Well, I’m partial to those too Polly but you could look a bit more grateful about it!




Her face pretty much sums up how our day has been today. Be back in a few days x


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