Back To Simply Spice

I have a new favourite curry house. Last night I returned to Simply Spice for the second time (I went there for a curry back in January) and if I was impressed first time, well I was very impressed the second time round too. Gary treated us to a meal out and I don’t think we could have picked a better venue for the evening. As we were showed to our table by the waiter I was reminded again of the restaurant’s intimate setting, the booths lined against either walls with small tables joining up make for a very cosy atmosphere.  I like the layout a lot actually, because its not too big but yet it can still pack a lot of people in without losing the atmosphere

photo (5)

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Simply Spice Is Simply Scrummy

During the week it was my Mum’s old school friend Dianne’s husband Barry’s 50th birthday. That sentence was a mouthful, sorry.


Basically, Barry turned 50 this week so mum and dad and another couple went to Simply Spice for a celebratory curry. Gary was out last night in Brighton so Continue reading