A Combination Not To Be Mixed

Oh this is one of the parts I have most been looking forward to about having an allotment. Having, flowers and fruit and in other words something to show for all of the work that has been put in. I cannot pretend to take credit for all of this because a lot of it is from my Grandparent’s plot, but I see it as a good sign that we’ve got plenty more of this to come in our direction.

These are some of our very own:


A delightful combination of rhubarb, onions, strawberries and courgettes from the plot. Not to be put in a dish together though!But still just because these fruit and veg don’t go together, how exciting is this?


It all looks so fresh too.


I consider us so lucky to have rhubarb as it costs a ridiculous amount to buy from the supermarkets these days. Is delicious warmed up with some vanilla ice cream! Yum.


My personal favourites are still the berries’ at the moment: strawberries and raspberries. Mmmm delicious and so summery (even if the weather is not)


What do you find most satisfying about gardening or owning a plot?


Tesco Strawberries Versus Our Strawberries

Just like that, the conditions have turned on us again! From warm sun to wind and rain in the space of twenty four hours. Hands up who is tired of all the wet, blustery weather? I’m assuming that will be everyone then. Despite the fact that tonight looks and sounds more like an October night than a June one, I still believe summer is here somewhere… there were signs of it my dessert this evening at least. Strawberries. You can’t deny that when you see a strawberry you think of summer don’t you?


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2012 Changes To The Allotment

Over the last couple of months our allotment has been undergoing lots of great changes, I’m not talking in terms of seeds or plants growing this time though. The whole site has had a brand new new face lift. We’ve gone from a dirt track to having a whole road and parking area fitted, not to mention the useful addition of our very own on-site sheds! All of these changes have not only made a whopping difference to the appearance of our allotment but they are going to be hugely beneficial to us, the plot holders, for now and in the future.

I’ve been snapping up pictures of some of the progress made to the site down in the corner where our plot is (116) so its really good to look back and compare just what a difference all the work has made. I’ve also managed to date all the ‘before’ ‘middle’ and ‘after’ pictures, so without further hesitation here they all are:



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Strawberries In A New Light

Hello and how was your Sunday? Ours was cloudy but dry, and quite chilly! I had one of those funny moments at the allotment today, where you realise something for the first time and that imaginary light bulb inside your brain suddenly bursts into light Light bulb haha. So after my rather tragic evening last night I was determined to make every bit of today count. I set out with a plan to get as much done as possible. I woke up at 6.30 this morning, took the pug out to toilet and then put her back to bed for another hour while I tapped away on my laptop writing some more of my essay. Mum and Dad got up around 8ish when we all had a cup of tea, breakfast, showered and generally got ready for the day. Mum and I made it up at the allotment by around 11. Dad went to the gym instead.


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A Sweet Lie

So I may have lied in my last blog post about ‘not blogging’ for a while. I just can’t help myself. When you’ve got a lot to say why hold it back? Whether its just about the weather, my day or how I’m feeling – I always feel better once I’ve blogged about it. And quite frankly I had withdrawal symptoms from my camera, (camera and blog go hand in hand) and so when I told myself I wasn’t blogging I started to leave my camera at home whenever I went out which felt so abnormal – it goes everywhere! And besides I can’t go anywhere without snapping a picture because I’ll just end up using my phone anyway. Which is exactly what I did when I went out last night anyway! Duh.


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Little Signs Of Life

Hello, how is your week going so far? Monday whizzed by and Tuesday has gone the same way! I’ve been in a pretty good mood after a fun weekend, if you’re catching up you can find my weekend posts here and here. Speaking of the weekend I forgot to write about how we got on at the allotment Saturday. It was a sunny warm morning, and I felt like a right gardener when I got home and saw that I caught the sun on my nose and cheeks! Good job I don’t mind the sun giving me freckles or I’d be annoyed right now…


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All Go

It was all go, go, go up at the allotment yesterday morning! The weather wasn’t perfect but it was certainly decent gardening weather, and it made an improvement from last week’s rainy episode. Obviously a lot of people had the same idea as us and took themselves to their plots. It looked like plenty of plots had people working on them, not to mention quite a few families up there by the looks of it which is encouraging to see! Speaking of family, I was pleased to see Grandma and Pops yesterday after not seeing them all week.


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Forward Planning

If you know me, you know that I love nothing more than a spot of planning. I love a mini-project to organise. And now that I’m a plot holder on the allotment, I might have a slightly bigger project on my hands than I had anticipated. But that’s all part of the challenge surely? My grandpop was asking me the other day where I was going to plant something, and the realisation hit me that I haven’t got a clue what I’m going to do with my plot yet. So over the weekend mum and I had a good think about where we thought every thing should go. There is a lot of space to sort out you know!


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Same Allotment, Different Weather

We certainly had a shift in the weather this week. It has gone from bright, warm and sunny to well .. everything in the opposite category. But yesterday we had to ignore the elements and get busy on the plots – there was a lot to be planted. Last year when we first got our allotment my mum ordered over thirty raspberry canes from a company called Thompson and Morgan, all of which arrived in the post this week. And just in case we didn’t have enough on our hands, my mum and grandma also decided to buy some more fruit trees that they had seen for a bargain price.


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Spring On The Allotment

Hello sun, its so nice to have you back again! Today truly felt like a Spring day, it was bright, sunny and even warm if you kept moving. So naturally we all headed to the allotment for a few hours this morning – it was good to get back! Honestly, there is something so refreshing and pleasant about just being out in the fresh air. Soakin’ up the Vitamin D! With everything going on this month our plot was put on hold – however I was only talking last week about how I was very eager to get back working, and when I say something I’m usually not kidding you.


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