15 Fun Facts

1. I’m an only child.

2. My middle name is Blossom.

3. I have my belly button pierced.

4. I drive a pink car.

5. I’m rubbish at maths.

6. I like flowers and flowery patterns.

7. Photographs are very important to me.

8. My parents are my inspiration.

9. I rarely have alcohol and could easily live without it.

10. I’ve never touched a cigarette in my life and wish to keep it that way.

11. Deep down I’m actually a bit of a neat-freak.

12. I’m trying not to swear so much.

13. I was put into ‘special needs’ classes in Primary school. I now have 11 GCSE’s, 3 A Levels and am studying an English degree.

14. My biggest fear is of spiders.

15. I really want a dog pug!


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