Pleasantly Surprised

The rain today was less than pleasant, but I was pleasantly surprised when Mum and I took Polly for a wet and windy walk around the fields this afternoon, which she loved! The weather is forecast to be bad all week, and the sky stayed very unchangeable all day. We kind of just decided now to get on with things despite the weather because we can’t keep Polly trapped inside for the whole week. I imagine that most dogs stayed firmly put in their beds looking out begrudgingly at the rain today, but not this one. So with our raincoats and wellies at the ready, (and a towel in the back of the car for Polly’s mucky return) the three of us took a walk through some of the fields behind Mote Park.


We were out for just under half an hour, but Polly had an absolute whale of a time! The rain and wind seemed to make her dash about like a crazy pug! She skipped about the field on her extendable lead, hopping this way and that way the whole time. Obviously the puppy had energy to burn and a bit of rain and wind wasn’t going to stop her. She was so funny to watch, but the highlight for me was when she frantically went to chase some crows on the field! Oh there isn’t a dull moment.


To say that we had a mucky little puppy this afternoon would be a slight understatement – she got filthy. Paws, legs, tummy, chest and even the top of Polly’s body was covered in wet muddy dirt. We wrapped her straight in a big towel when we got back to the car to make sure she was warm and dry. The lead was also dripping wet so its currently drying off on the radiator at the moment, much to Polly’s confusion.


Going out in that weather really takes it out of you I swear! The wind has made me so sleepy. Unfortunately a quick check of my datebook reminded me I had a late Doctors appointment this evening so there was no power nap for me.


Considering what a naff time my appointment was being right at the end of the day, I anticipated a very long stay in the waiting room at the Doctors. I took some uni reading to do, but as usual my eyes scanned over all the health posters and leaflets on the walls first. I had my second pleasant surprise of the day, when my name was called out after only ten minutes in the waiting area. I’ve waited in the very same room for an hour once, so ten minutes was good!


They say things come in threes, so I wonder what my third surprise of the day will be?


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