Salad Success

Hands up if you’re glad the weekends here? 


Well, my weekend doesn’t start until 6pm tomorrow when I finish work so I still have a while to wait yet. But, I can put my hands up and say that its been a good week diet-wise. I honestly made a conscious effort to try and eat well, choosing salad every day for lunch. Not only were my salads tasty but they also contributed to making my diet a success this week! Continuing in the theme of my newly discovered food, humus…




Who’d have thought some dip and crackers would make for such an appetising set of pictures? It tasted as good as it looks!


After I wolfed down all of the original humus last week, I decided to try a different flavour: roasted red pepper. I think I actually prefer this one, as its sweet and the texture is slightly smoother! Along with the humus, we also got some different crackers, the round sesame and poppy seed thins which are perfect for satisfying a savoury craving.

However much I’m enjoying these salads, mum has said to me that I can’t make it too much of a regular thing as the cost all adds up and its time consuming every morning. Obviously I have to respect what she says but I will miss it, and now I have to think up yet another lunch idea….Humus will have to be for special occasions. Should have called the post, special-occasion salads.


I’ve still not been feeling myself today, so I’m hoping to recharge in my days off on Sunday and Monday just in time for a new week.


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