Twenty In Twenty

Twenty Pictures of my twentieth birthday:



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Turning Fifty Two– Part Two

If you missed part one of my Dad’s birthday celebrations you can catch it here. On Wednesday it was Dad’s Birthday and we all had a really lovely time enjoying his day. It definitely helped that the weather was gorgeous, we actually had blue skies and beaming sunshine which made a lovely change from what we have been used to the last week or so: rain, rain rain.


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(Fifty)Two Years Marked With Two Courses

On Saturday we had an early birthday celebration for my Dad, but his actual birthday is today! Happy Birthday Dad! He has not turned a particularly land marking year (the big 5-0 was two years ago) but a birthday is still a birthday in my eyes! Exams tomorrow influenced our decision to celebrate Dad’s fifty second year a few days early, although that doesn’t mean to say that today will pass uneventfully as I think we are still heading out for dinner at some point. Double celebrations by the sound of it! Any excuse to stick on a pretty dress and heels and I’m game – especially if it includes food too.


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Birthday Month Commences

As the hype of the jubilee weekend slowly rolls to a close, today kicked off the start of another set of celebrations: birthday celebrations! June is officially birthday month in my family, I don’t think that there is a week where someone doesn’t have a birthday this month. Today little Amie, the closest thing I have to calling a ‘niece’ (one of the down sides to being an only child) was the birthday girl. Her actual birthday is the sixth but Caroline and Steve hosted a little party in her name today, so I popped round to watch present opening and play party games.


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Midnight Tango

Although a lot of the attention was on Grandma yesterday for her special birthday, we still made sure to save plenty for a certain little pug. After tea and cake everyone went home for a little while. In the short time there was in between coming home and getting ready to go out we promptly drove up the woods to squeeze in an hours walk for Polly. Yesterday was the longest that we’ve ever left her for in one day, although we were in and out most of the day there were times where she was left for longer periods so it was important to get her out for a nice walk.


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Grandma’s Day

I mentioned yesterday that we had a very special birthday to be celebrated, and in our family no birthday gets swept under the carpet – especially the big ones! My grandma’s ‘big birthday’ had already been mildly considered about six months ago when my aunt and partner booked tickets to go and watch Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent and Flavia in their tour Midnight Tango. We knew how much my grandparents love the Strictly stars and well, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to treat them when the tour was coming so close to us – it was being performed at the Marlowe Theatre which isn’t far for us to travel to.


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A Special Birthday

We have a very special birthday in our family today! My Grandma reaches a milestone year, but I’m not too sure if she wants this information published on the internet or announced in general actually haha! But thankfully she doesn’t use the computer and thankfully we’re not going to let a special birthday like this slip by without making a fuss! So I will let pictures do the talking of how old she turns today…


Lots planned today, full post coming soon! Have a fab Bank Holiday Monday everyone! x

He Isn’t A Teenager Anymore

Happy Birthday to the very special man in my life, who’s 20 today! Smile I don’t suppose that a number is going to be enough to make him act grown up though! He is still the same 16 year old boy I met at school three years ago, who loves nothing more than a bit of banter, laughs at his own jokes, constantly finds farting a source of amusement and goes all soft at the sight of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


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