The Great British Summer

What a summer this is turning out to be in regards of the weather. It saddens me that I have been turning to my raincoat, umbrella and chunky waterproof boots in mid-July.  Most of my summer dresses haven’t even left the wardrobe this year yet! Its depressing because summer is the time when everyone is out and about here and there but these heavy downpours prevent you from doing that quite so freely (unless you’re okay with getting drenched to the bone!) However that wasn’t the spirit of a lot of people yesterday.


Mum and I made a brief appearance at Beth’s Dog show and I was pleased to see plenty of people had made an effort to give their support despite the awful weather! There were lots of fun stalls that we browsed and loads of dogs were entering the show. Because of the weather we only stayed for a short while and so I didn’t enter Polly in any of the classes, although had the weather been nicer I would have liked to. I did end up buying Polly a few treats including some toys, a new jumper and harness.


I seriously hope that a proper summer is just around the corner!


Half Way There

Pinch And A Punch! June! The sixth month of the year, we’re nearly half way there! What a scary thought. June also happens to be one of my favourite months of the year because the weather is normally splendid, we have loads of birthdays in the family (including my own!) and so generally spirits are running pretty high in this month of the year. June is looking jam-packed for me, I’ve got lots of fun things organised…


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In The Countryside Or By The Sea

The week is slipping by again! Its Friday tomorrow! Goodness me time goes so quick its scary! So quickly in fact that I didn’t even realise what day it was until late this evening, Pug Stats! Polly is sixteen weeks old! Sadly I don’t have a magical pug stat post up my sleeve as I’ve been super busy this week, I do plan on posting one in the next couple of days but it may be another quickie I’ll see how it goes! Lots going on this week like starting my new job, classes, obedience training and an essay to get under my belt. Hate it when life comes in the way of doing the things you enjoy (like blogging!)


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A Little Bit Of Sunshine

A little bit of sunshine can make a lot of a difference. Today is March! We’re already three months into the year! And March has started on a glorious note. The sun is out, the birds are singing, sunglasses are on my face – its perfect. I’m feeling a lot better after yesterdays downer and I’m putting it down to the spot of sunshine and beautiful spring like weather.


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2011 –The Ups And The Downs

This year has been the craziest, and most overwhelming year of my life. Our life as we knew it took a backseat as my granddad got sicker and sicker as 2011 progressed. My parents have been incredibly selfless in taking on the responsibility of looking after my poorly granddad and also my nan. I know how tough this year has been on them and that is hard for me to watch.

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Beating The Head Cold

Old clever clogs here has ended up with a head cold, that could not have come on a more inconvenient week! Sniff! Sneeze! Cough! Its making me cranky. But I’m the only one to blame for it though, the minute that the boyfriend gets a cold its inevitable that I will end up with it too! Whenever he’s poorly all I want to do is kiss and cuddle him as I hate seeing him run down, and then bam! a few hours later I’ve caught the rotten thing!


So I’m trying to be as logical as possible to get rid of this thing and beat the head cold before Christmas. Well ideally I would like to beat this thing as soon as possible but as long as its gone by the weekend I’ll be happy.

I’m hoping that Olbas Oil is going to be a life saver this week! I have a love hate relationship with this stuff, it doesn’t half stink but it really does help with the congestion.

Today and tomorrow are my last shifts before the Christmas break, despite the cold I’m feeling pretty excited about this week!

Reviewing 2011’s New Year Resolutions

Its that time of year again isn’t it? Back on my old blog I posted my New Year Resolutions for 2011 and as its the middle of December I guess its time to review how I did?!

When I wrote these resolutions back in early January, I had no idea how 2011 was going to turn out. Looking back it has probably been the toughest year of my life so far, however I didn’t let that stop me from being happy and achieving my goals: Continue reading

Coming To Terms With Things


When I was a little girl I considered myself lucky, for many reasons, but one being because I hadn’t experienced the loss of a loved one, when plenty of other children around me had. I remember kids in my class who had lost their nans and granddads or sometimes even a parent.

I thought that I understood death or the concept of it, but that is truly impossible when I don’t even understand it now and I’m nineteen years old.

As I grew up people around me did pass away, but it was never anyone close.


I think that the first time death had an impact on me was when I was a teenager and my pet hamster died. It sounds silly but I was really sad to see my first little pet go, even when I knew that their life expectancy was very small.

I’m an emotional person anyway, so death is just something that I cannot fathom. I have since experienced death and loss a bit more, but I still can’t get my head around it. Or maybe its life that I can’t get my head around?


You may be wondering why I sound so morose. Well, death has been something that I have been unable to avoid thinking about this week.  October ended on a bit of a low for me, when it had been such a pleasant month. Calm before the storm maybe?

Granddad Bill's

My granddad Bill, my dad’s father, is very poorly in hospital. On Monday I went with my mum’s father, my other grandpop to see Bill. It was the probably one of the hardest and saddest things I’ve had to do.

Although he was conscious when we were there, he doesn’t make any sense so its not like you can have a proper conversation or a goodbye with him. It didn’t make it any easier though. My two granddads have been very good friends ever since my mum and dad have been together, and there was something very surreal and moving seeing my grandpop feed Bill and stroke his hand.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to live with that memory for the rest of my life. I held his hand before we left and he squeezed it back, and I felt an intense surge of sadness pass over me.

It dawned on me this week that my granddad never got to know me as an adult. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when I was little, and as I’ve grown and developed as a person his illness has got worse.


My family knew that this year was going to be difficult in terms of my granddad because his decline is so clear to us, both physically and mentally. And although we knew he was rapidly getting worse I don’t think we quite imagined this would be how it ended. I know that my dad is very glad that we made the most of this year and went out together as a family with my granddad, because we won’t ever have the chance again.



Sad times lie ahead of us, but the saddest thing at the moment is having to see my granddad in this condition. I hope that his body finds the peace it deserves soon, because that will be the kindest thing for him now.