Little Red Riding Pug

You would not believe the day we had. After the forecast I read about on Twitter last night, I was anticipating noting but rain, rain, rain… so we slept in again this morning, which was fabulous. I didn’t sleep the whole way through the night because I got up at 3 in the morning when the rain had eased to take Polly to toilet. When we went to bed it was raining so hard that she refused to go. I couldn’t sleep knowing she hadn’t been so I was happy to take her out in the night when the rain wasn’t pouring down so hard. Polly thinks the rain stinks…


The morning was wet, but someone had loads of energy to burn after sleeping in so we went for a very wet walk around the block in the rain. Everyone including the pug got soaked and we decided there and then to go out and buy Polly a raincoat later in the day. While the weather was rubbish, Mum and I went to Zumba (dad to the gym) and afterwards made a stop at the Pet Shop. Then to everyone’s amazement this happened in the early afternoon:


Blue began to break through the miserable grey clouds as they shifted to white fluffy ones. It was like a brand new day had started. So in typical Tree style we all made ourselves busy with little jobs here and there. I went out the front to my car as the inside was in need of a good brush and tidy. I also bought a cover for the back seat where Polly sits so I was fiddling about putting that up for a while.


The Fiesta is now fully pug-prepared, with my seat protector, blue blanket and seatbelt that clips on to her harness.


Mum and dad were in the garden doing some planting and tidying jobs.


More bits in preparation for the allotment!


Polly on the other hand was more concerned about puppy playtime than any household jobs. She took full advantage of the dry weather for a frantic game of chase the ball.


Chase, and chew.


Pug life!


I think its fair to say that all of us enjoyed our afternoon pottering around at home. I love being at home more than anything Smile


Although we did leave the house once more today for a trip to the woods. The afternoon turned too nice to let slip away without making a little bit more out of the day! When we got out there were still signs of the former weather, with patches of grey in the sky


and huge puddles destructing the footways.


Good job Polly had her new coat.


Its a tad big but doesn’t she look adorable? Little red riding pug.


As we got further into the woods, the grey clouds dispersed again and the sky was brilliantly blue. It got so nice that Mum and I boiled in our big rain coats!


It was worth sweating one out in my raincoat as everything was just so beautiful in the sunlight, it was also surprisingly peaceful – we didn’t pass another person on our walk and we were out for almost an hour!


The main sight we set out for today were the bluebells. They are so hard to capture on the camera, but they were stunning. They were slightly past their best but they still made for a wonderful carpet of blue up the valley.



As I was crouching down snapping pictures of the bluebells, someone got a bit jealous as the camera (attention) wasn’t all on her. So she gave the camera one of her beautiful pug poses in amongst the bluebells.


Isn’t she gorgeous? Open-mouthed smile I love love love these pictures of her!


To finish Sunday in perfect style, we all enjoyed a fantastic roast thanks to my talented mummy’s cooking skills.


I had a surprisingly good day in the end! How was your weekend? x x


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