Relax, Drink, Dine, Repeat…

Hello, hello long time no blog – ok its only been a few days but hey I missed it…. So yesterday I came back from a short break away and if you’re friends with me on Facebook or Twitter you may have heard about the disastrous events with Polly swallowing a bone. The vet did immediate surgery last night to remove it. After a lot of tears, worry and waiting around I’m relieved to say Polly is home now and seems to be recovering well. But so, NOT the reunion I had imagined to come back to. Accidents happen I guess?


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Today I wave goodbye to my teen years. Its a shame that I can’t wave goodbye to some of the horrifically goofy pictures of me as a teenager but at the same time looking at some of them did give me a good laugh. What did I look like? At least I can say I’m not afraid to laugh at myself! Here are a few pictures of me across my teens – spoiler alert – they are not pretty…. Continue reading

The Lead Came Off

The weekend is almost over, and its been a busy one for me since the word go! But I just had to squeeze in one more post today as we had yet another brand new experience with Polly this morning that I’m so pleased to announce. We went to the dog park with my mum’s friends Dianne and Barry and their dog Rudy, and Polly has been itching to come off the lead for a few weeks now but we haven’t had the courage to do it. But while we had the added protection of another dog walking with her to keep in a pack plus a very enclosed park, I finally found the courage to unclip Polly’s lead and let her run free.


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A Pug’s First Fun Dog Show

Good morning, I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far.  Yesterday, mum and I did something a little different with Polly Pug – we took her to her first charity dog show! Actually it was the first dog show that any of us had been to, but lets be honest yesterday wasn’t about the humans it was all about the dogs! And we saw plenty of those at the show yesterday. We had such good fun and it was in the name of charity which is always a bonus.


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Tesco Strawberries Versus Our Strawberries

Just like that, the conditions have turned on us again! From warm sun to wind and rain in the space of twenty four hours. Hands up who is tired of all the wet, blustery weather? I’m assuming that will be everyone then. Despite the fact that tonight looks and sounds more like an October night than a June one, I still believe summer is here somewhere… there were signs of it my dessert this evening at least. Strawberries. You can’t deny that when you see a strawberry you think of summer don’t you?


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Our Afternoon At Grove Ferry

Good evening! Its been a beautiful, warm, sunny day here in Kent. Luckily for us Wednesdays are our day off together as a family which meant that we got to make the most of the lovely day doing whatever we liked. The morning was spent as many others are for us (down at the gym) but this afternoon we decided to do something a little bit different for a change, and that was to take a trip to Grove Ferry.


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Summer Treasures–My First Haul

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend!

I’m very keen to get back into regular blogging again now my uni work is out of the way for the summer. I’ve got lots coming up that I can’t wait to share on my blog, my birthday in just over a week for starters!  But for today’s post I am going to be talking about a few little girly bits I picked up in the shops and online in the last couple of weeks that I can’t get enough of. This is my first haul-styled post so here goes! Page1

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Turning Fifty Two– Part Two

If you missed part one of my Dad’s birthday celebrations you can catch it here. On Wednesday it was Dad’s Birthday and we all had a really lovely time enjoying his day. It definitely helped that the weather was gorgeous, we actually had blue skies and beaming sunshine which made a lovely change from what we have been used to the last week or so: rain, rain rain.


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