The Girl Behind The Blog


Hello, I’m Grace – welcome to my blog Food Plus Fashion! I’m a nineteen year old student and live in Kent, with my parents and guinea pig. I learn from home, with the Open University which means I can juggle my crazy family life, spending time with my lovely boyfriend and working part time as a shift managerwith studying for an English Degree.


A brief history:

I was lucky enough to have a safe and protected upbringing. I’ve always had a good relationship with my Mum and Dad – they gave me a very happy childhood. We would always spend time together as a family, going out here and there – making the most of what we had. But other aspects of my childhood weren’t always so peachy: I really hated going to school when I was little. I found learning very difficult. The kids at school weren’t kind.

I struggled to achieve and I struggled to make friends. Even now, I can still look back and remember those feelings I had at school: feeling like I was academically behind most of the class and feeling like I didn’t fit in with the other children.

Then in my second year of Junior school, I had an enthusiastic teacher. School became a bit better because of her. She introduced me to an author called Jacqueline Wilsonand suddenly I became interested in reading. Before I knew it I had ploughed my way through most of Wilson’s books. The first Harry Potter movie was out by this time and I was absolutely thrilled by the film – I couldn’t wait for the second film to come out as I was desperate to know what happened next and therefore I read the books. And so the ball was rolling so to speak.


As a result of my new interest in books and reading, my academic ability suddenly fell into place. For the first time I was going to school and beginning to realise the concept of ‘learning.’ However where I was behind, I still had a long way to go. So when I moved up to secondary school I was automatically filtered into the lower ability bands. Straight away I knew I didn’t belong in these lower classes. They were filled with trouble-making girls who basically didn’t want to learn. Whereas I on the other hand was finally ready to knuckle down.

I worked hard for the first couple of years at secondary school and eventually my efforts really paid off. I went from the lowest classes to some of the top classes. I finally felt settled at school. My favourite subjects were English, History and French. I did have a struggle with maths at times (and still do to this day!) but apart from that things were going well for me.

I can’t really say the same on the friends agenda. If I thought the kids were mean before I had no idea what teenage girls would be like. Thankfully I managed to just drift through secondary school without too many problems. I went through lots of different groups of friends. Over the years I’ve learned that I don’t need people who aren’t prepared to treat me right. I’m happier to have no friends than friends who can’t love me the way I am.

Hols (200)DSCN4887

If you actually got to know me, you’d realise that I have a lot to give. I have a quirky and imaginative character. I’m fascinated by odd and exciting things. Like, I can feel perfectly content when I’m out walking in the middle of the countryside and the fresh air is pinching softly at my skin. Or the fact that I’m blown away by the magic of historical buildings. Strange things seem to touch me. They were just two examples that popped up in my head Winking smile

I’m pretty sure that you won’t meet another teenage girl like me…


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One thought on “The Girl Behind The Blog

  1. Hi Grace, I love your about me page! I’m a 17-year-old girl, have just started my own blog and am looking for inspiration. I’ve certainly found some in yours! I love your sense of fashion – you look beautiful in the photos on this page! 🙂 Also, I totally agree about rather having no friends than friends who don’t appreciate you. I’m not much of a social butterfly either.

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