Pug Stats–Seven Months

Hello, can you believe its already time for another Pug Stats post?! Yesterday Polly turned seven months old which means its time for another update on Polly and I’m relieved to say that she is still fit and healthy. Obviously after our terrible accident on Friday, Polly isn’t as blossoming as she could be, but she is fighting strong!


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Pug Stats Six Month Special

Hello and welcome to an extra special Pug Stats Post! Polly is half a year old today! I seem to be saying this frequently but time is absolutely flying! I can’t believe I bought my little girl home four months ago when she was just a tiny little baby.


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Pug Stats– Twenty One Weeks

Its May! That means one thing, someone just turned another month old!


Polly Pug is growing up fast, she’s five months old today! If you’ve been wondering where my weekly updates on Polly have been since week seventeen I’ve decided to make them a monthly thing now, as a week isn’t really enough to notice too much change in her. Continue reading

Pug Stats–Seventeen Weeks

We are storming through 2012 at an unbelievable pace, we’re already four months into the year! It was about a year ago now that my love for pugs really kicked in. My mum actually used the words ‘you have no chance’ to me on more than one occasion. And look where we are today: I have a four month old pug puppy! Strange how life turns out sometimes isn’t it? Continue reading

Pug Stats–Sixteen Weeks

As promised, here is this week’s Pug Statistic post or in other words the puggy update! I mentioned yesterday what a busy week this has been for us and we’re about to have an even busier weekend so I knew if I didn’t do the post now I would never get round to doing it, and I would regret it if I skipped a week altogether! Every single week counts in a little puppy’s development as this series of posts has proven, and of course week sixteen will be no different.


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Pug Stats–Fifteen Weeks

Welcome to another edition of pug statistics, its all about the number fifteen today, its the fifteenth of March and also Polly’s fifteenth week! I know I say this every post, but boy she is getting big! I had to do a quick post last week so I only had chance to throw some numbers out there and a few pictures. I didn’t get onto talking about how she’s getting on, but I am making up for that in this weeks post. Not only is she growing physically but she really is becoming quite the little character.


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Pug Stats–Fourteen Weeks

Eight weeks, Ten weeks, Twelve weeks, Fourteen weeks…Is that where we are already? Time is whizzing by – is it going fast for everyone else? Polly was only eight weeks old when she came home and now she’s already in her fourteenth week! She is getting noticeably bigger all of the time so I really want to make the most of her while she’s still small (and when she’s fully grown of course!)

Sadly I’ve been busy this week with a uni assignment and an extra shift at work so the post is mainly going to be filled with comparative pictures than anything else because I haven’t had the time to do a nice detailed update, next week I will make up for it!


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Pug Stats–Thirteen Weeks

Its a special edition of pug statistics today – Polly reaches another week but more significantly she is three months old now! Polly was born on the first of December so this little one has been on the plug planet for three months today. My little puppy is growing up quick already! Whoah. Before I get on to today’s post, I wanted to point out that all of Polly’s Pug Statistic posts are now in one place on the left side column all you have to do is click on the smaller version of this picture:


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Pug Stats–Twelve Weeks

Growing, growing … grown? Welcome back to my weekly series of Pug Statistics – a post all about how my pug puppy is developing according to the tape measure, scales and from her keen mum’s observations. So Polly enters her twelfth week today and her pug life is really starting to get quite exciting for her and for us. A few stand out moments of the last week were introducing Polly to some family, a second trip to the vets and a dog training class. More on this later in the post, first up some comparative pictures to see how my puppy has got on over the weeks. Tape measure at the ready.


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Pug Stats–Eleven Weeks

Time to get the tape measure out for another weekly measure up. Its all systems go with an eleven week old puppy in the house! Slowly but surely we are getting in to a little routine of things, but on to that in a minute. I think this little lady has had a growth spurt. I’ve got pictures of Polly across four weeks, and you can really see how much difference those weeks have made! Have a look.


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