The Waiting Game

Finally, Britain had a weekend that resembled summer! Blue skies, birds singing and trees gently waving in a mild breeze. And doesn’t the sunshine get people out? Generally there were just lots of people scattered around all over the place over the last two days. Obviously everyone is making the most of the rare nice weather while they can. We spent a good deal of yesterday at the allotment and Polly pug joined us for the first time. We tied her to the bench with plenty of shade and she really enjoyed herself. I weeded and watered for a while and although I’m very happy we’ve finally got some better weather yesterday wasn’t really ideal gardening conditions as it was just so hot.


Polly definitely had the best idea: snoozing away the day in the sun!


While removing the many hundreds of unwanted weeds on our plot yesterday I came to the conclusion that July is going to be the month of waiting around for us. Its quite an exciting but at the same time frustrating time. Its exciting because lots is on the horizon however I don’t know how much longer I can wait for it all.


It is most certainly all about to kick off very soon! Firstly, our breeder has been in touch to say that she is still waiting for puppies to be born but hopes for them to arrive within this week. Another sort of milestone event is that we think Polly is about to come into season at any minute now – she is about the right age and she has a lot of signs indicating that she is going into heat. I have no idea what to expect from that!


I’m also waiting for some documents to come through from the DVLA to sort my car/number plates out and these could take another few weeks so I can’t have my new car until this has been sorted out. And one more thing that I’m still waiting for is my examination results form way back in June.

I’m crossing my fingers for lots of ups towards the end of July!


An Evening At The Theatre

I’m currently in the process of doing my last assignment for university before my exam in June. Its due in just over a week and so when I found out the play I was studying was being performed locally last night my Grandparents offered to take me with them. The play I’m doing is Dancing At Lughnasa by Friel which is hardly a thrilling drama but I don’t dislike it.


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Grandma’s Day

I mentioned yesterday that we had a very special birthday to be celebrated, and in our family no birthday gets swept under the carpet – especially the big ones! My grandma’s ‘big birthday’ had already been mildly considered about six months ago when my aunt and partner booked tickets to go and watch Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent and Flavia in their tour Midnight Tango. We knew how much my grandparents love the Strictly stars and well, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to treat them when the tour was coming so close to us – it was being performed at the Marlowe Theatre which isn’t far for us to travel to.


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Packed Lunch Made A Comeback

I  was chatting away to Caroline in the staff room at work over the weekend, all the usual chit-chat came up; Gary, Steve, her children etc as we both got our food out.  In the same fashion as an old-school packed lunch we both opted to bring our own food in from home. Me: a cheese sandwich. Caroline: humus and salad sticks. Another thing we have in common aside from the fact our partners are brothers, is a love for all types of food. Having never tried humus I was intrigued at her choice of lunch so she let me try a little on some carrot. You know what comes next…


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Children Meet Puppy

It was an excitable end to the week for me today. After my 10am Yoga class I took Polly to meet some of Gary’s family with him. Polly met Gary’s mum Maureen, sister in law Caroline and niece, nephew Owen and Amie. It was only the second time that Polly has been somewhere else other than home, so the car still makes her quite nervous, but she sat on my lap very well for the short journey to Caroline’s house. As soon as we pulled up I could see how excited Gary’s niece and nephew were to meet Polly. Owen stood at the front door eagerly awaiting Polly’s debut in his home! He had a big grin on his cheeky face when he saw my little pug.


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Who Makes The Best Curry?

Well I can tell you the answer that. My Mum and Grandma of course! Its a matter of personal opinion but my mum and grandma make the best curry feasts going. We had a small family gathering for my aunt’s birthday last night, thirteen of us, for a curry. And could my plate possibly have had more food on it?


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Dancing And Curry

But not in that particular order.

Last night we gathered for curry, but more importantly to watch the Strictly Come Dancing final, round my grandparent’s house. My grandpop loves watching the dancing so it was good fun to watch it with everyone. My aunt and her husband Dave were there, Mum, Dad and then Gary and I so there was a house full of us. Test run for the big day next week? Continue reading