Homeward Bound



“Mum, I’m ready to go home now.”


We’re on our way home!

I’m really sad that our holiday is already over… however I have loads to look forward to when I return back so I can focus on all those good things now. Like on Sunday a big group of Twitter pals are having a TweetUp which is always such fun, then in just over a week this one is joining our family!!!!


And hey, its not all bad.. Its nearly the weekend now too Winking smile hope you have a good Friday x x x



I have another new thing to obsessively accessorise with – my Mini! Since getting my Mini at the beginning of the month it has been my pride and joy. I never thought that I would be one of those ‘car crazy’ people but having the Mini has changed things a little. I am in love with this four wheeled baby beyond my expectations. It was definitely the best decision I have made in my motoring journey so far. I am so pleased with its appearance and its drives wonderfully.


Keeping up the Mini’s chic appearance with a black iPhone car charger which I think is so much smarter than the original white one. However a white charger is useful when you’re rummaging through your handbag as it stands out so much.


Fancy flower dashboard decoration courtesy of the very nice people from FabCar. Naturally a pink theme is going here Winking smile


Air fresheners




Pretty storage boxes in the Miniature boot, get it? Winking smile



And of course a pretty new Key Ring to show off the new key.


So happy with the new wheels! Open-mouthed smile

Stay tuned for a puppy update very shortly in the next few days x x

The Food Of Summer

The food of summer comes off the BBQ. I have so much love for BBQs mainly because they are one of those seasonal things that you enjoy at a particular time of the year.


Is there anything better than sitting in the garden with a cold glass of diet coke in your hand lapping up the smell of the BBQ cooking away on a warm summers evening?

No is the answer to that!

The Bunting in our garden has faded in the sunshine, but it has otherwise survived the eventful summer of 2012. It was a lovely evening eating BBQ food and watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics. I love summer when it feels like this!


Have a great week! x

The Week That Summer Arrived

I have been waiting to write that title for a very long time now, but I *think* that summer arrived in our little corner of England this week. Horrah! The sun hasn’t blessed us very much at all in 2012 as the weather has been absolutely rubbish so far this year. So its about time that we had a spot of nice weather. Its so lovely when I wake up in the morning and my bedroom is dimly lit by the natural light creeping through the curtains. And when I tie them back to see the sun reflecting on the top of the trees, making the leaves glow casting shadows on the grass below, I get that pleasant feeling in my stomach that’s telling me summer is finally here.


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Stir-Fry Success

Its Friday! The weekend is upon us – hoorah!  However, when you work in retail there isn’t such thing as a ‘weekend’ and I will therefore be returning to the shop in the morning for my shift. But work or no work I’ve still got that weekend feeling! I think I’m just happy to see a rubbish week clear off to be perfectly honest.


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Wednesday Treats

Happy Hump day! Can you believe its the middle of another week? I’m getting sick of all this continuously wet weather we’re having here in Kent. It sucks. I know its good for the garden but eurgh its just wretched! What’s worse is that I’m hearing everyone say that May is forecast to be a rubbish month too! I hope they’ve got that wrong anyway. Today has been one of those rainy days where nothing exciting happens at all. The one good thing about the rain was that it enabled me to sleep in this morning until 8.30 – the latest I’ve woken up since Polly came home in February. It was blissful.  Well we had nothing to rush up for on a day like today!


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Weekend Bound

Happy Friday! I am so glad the weekend is almost here because I’ve got it all off work for the first time in a little while! The forecast is a bit iffy but I still think its going to be a good one! 8 oclock tonight the weekend officially starts for me! Come on..


P.s see how our Sweet peas are doing just two weeks later! They’ve been basking in the heat indoors and now they’re ready to stay outside in the shed!

What are your weekend plans? x

The Outcome We’ve Been Waiting For

I spent all day with my fingers crossed until late this afternoon when my Mum rang to inform me that she had passed an exam for her work. She really needed to pass this exam so there was a big sigh of relief for her! Its been pretty tense for the last month or so in the run up to it and we’ve had to put a lot on hold. But now its passed and out the way we can get on with all the things we’ve been wanting to do!


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