The Boyfriend

Gary is my boyfriend of three years.


Like me, he has a big appetite for food.

Caroline's copy (3)

Our favourite dates are ones that involve delicious foods.


We love a hot chilli or a spicy curry.


But he wasn’t always so eager to try new foods.

Hols (39)

Unlike me, he doesn’t need to watch his figure.


And like most men his favourite food to dream about is pizza.

Hols (161)


We’ve come a long way from being those sweet little sixteen year olds when we first met! We’ve been through school, passing our A Levels together in 2010, overcoming uni experiences that didn’t work out, to finally settling into further education last year. Gary studies at the University of Kent now and I think that he’s much happier there.

Family BBQ (2)

We’ve introduced each other into our families and shared so many special occasions as a couple, christenings, wedding anniversaries and milestone birthdays to name a few.


Garys Birthday (23)



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Gary's meal (9)

I’m very thankful for all of the memories we’ve had and look forward to even more in the future Red heart

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