2012 New Year Resolutions

With only hours left of 2011, its time to set some fresh goals for a new year! Having already revisited my resolutions from last year, I think I’m ready to set myself some new ones for 2012! Inspired by other blogs I read I’ve decided to set my resolutions up a little differently this time and divide them into the following categories, Personal, Professional and Fitness goals.

Goals for 2012.

Personal Goals:

– Lose a few pounds, get back to the shape I was happy with and keep it!
– Keep up our allotment and get things to grow.
– Make more effort with the other half’s family.
– Go and visit my Nan with my Dad more often.
– Read a book at least once a week.
– Get a pug puppy.

Professional Goals:

– Pass my course and organise myself so I’m ready to start the final year of a degree.
– Keep my job. Times are tough. Enough said.
– Develop my skills as a manager.
– Update my CV.

Fitness Goals:

– Make a weekly workout plan and stick to it.
– Practice Pilates on a regular basis.
– Take up running again (body permitting)
– Try a yoga class.
– Keep enjoying exercise!


You ready for another year?

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