Restarting The Puppy Days

Evening everyone I hope you’re all having a good week so far. I’ve been struggling to know how to start this post as I can’t decide what pug to write about first! Its been an eventful few days for everyone to say the least. Plus we’re all feeling fatigued from the early starts and the hectic routine that comes with a little puppy. But here is just a little overview of our first few days.

If you follow my blog or twitter stream you should know lots about Polly already, and as Peggy’s the new girl that everybody’s keenly asking me about I will start the focus on her.

Just in case you didn’t know, Peggy joined the family on Sunday **

I was stunned by just how quickly Peggy seemed to fit in to her new surroundings. She eased her way comfortably in to the new household in just a few short hours. The first thing that we did when we arrived back was take both the girls out to the garden, bearing in mind that they had already briefly met in Peggy’s kitchen, but there was still a lot of sniffing each other out in our home garden. After a short while we managed to get Peggy to go to toilet, which was a really promising start for us [More on training in a separate post tomorrow]

We had no problem whatsoever in getting Peggy to stick to her feeding routine as she is a right greedy little piglet! You tend to read that in the early stages of moving into a new home a puppy’s appetite won’t be good, and as I recall this was the case with Polly for a few days where she was picky with her food. But Peggy tucked right in to her meals which was a relief!

And finally, to finish with a question that everyone has been tweeting and asking me – how are the two girls getting on?

My honest answer for now, is that time will tell. Its still very early days and both the pugs have a lot to adapt to! They seem to be doing ok, however it really is hard to make a judgement yet when its so soon. I’m a tiny bit concerned for at the moment, because Peggy is at that nipping stage where she will just bite everything – toes, fingers and pug tails. But I can tell Polly doesn’t really like Peggy constantly keep nipping her and there have been a few growls of frustration and confused looks from Polly as if to say ‘is that thing still here, biting me?’

So until Peggy can learn to stop nipping, we’re keeping the girls at paws length because I don’t want to start their sisterhood on a negative tone. It not spiteful biting its just that young puppy nature and she is too little to know the difference between good and unacceptable behaviour yet, but I’m confident that she will learn and I have hope that they will soon adore each other.

Sorry for a lack of pictures in this post, but I was at work some of the day and in between pug sitting I haven’t had chance to whip the camera out today. I’ve got tomorrow off so I plan on getting a few shots in so stay tuned for puppy pics.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the night x


Cute Puppy Pics Take 2















I will write an update tomorrow on how the girls first day went as I know that lots of you have plenty of questions for me on how Polly and Peggy got on, but hopefully the pictures you will give you some idea that it went fairly well Winking smile


Calm Before The Storm


“What’s that you say Mum? I’m getting a sister tomorrow?”


“But will I still get lots of treats and cuddles?”


Yes tomorrow we’re picking up our little Peggy pug! We’re all very excited but at the moment we’re a little bit nervous too – once again everything is going to be very new to us. I have no idea how the girls will be together to begin with! It still doesn’t seem to have sunk in that we’re getting another pug tomorrow morning! AH!

Wish us luck and stay tuned for lots of puppy pictures tomorrow ! x

Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 5

Ah I finally found a minute to sit down and catch up on my blog… Now where were we? Oh yes, the eagerly anticipated follow up to my puppy adventures.

Okay so around a month ago we finally made the decision to get another puppy. At first it seemed that we had it all planned out: we had spoken with Polly’s breeder and we fully intended to return to her once again for our next pug. She told us that she had a litter due at the end of July so we were hopeful to receive news on puppies within a couple of weeks. After what seemed like a long wait we inquired once more when July was almost over, only to be informed that she got the dates muddled up and to give it another week.

More waiting was torturous, and I begun to get anxious – all I wanted was an update on puppies! So naturally when that week was up I got in touch one final time to ask for an update. However this time I never got a response back. I watched the days pass again, and before I knew it the days turned into weeks and it was a fortnight since our breeder had last been in touch with me, let alone give me any news.

As you can imagine I was beyond frustrated and honestly, a little bit annoyed and confused that I never heard back from Polly’s breeder. Its a difficult situation because you don’t want to be too pestering but at the same time if you want a pug you’ve got to be persistent.

Patience never was my strong point.

And so I begun to reassess my options….

The hunt for a pug puppy started from scratch all over again.



Before I knew it, it felt like January all over again where I was frantically sending out dozens of spontaneous texts and emails to local breeders I got from the Kennel Club website. Contrasting the odd communication I had with Polly’s breeder, I received practically immediate replies from many people I contacted regarding puppies in the local area, confirming that I was making the right decision to stick to my guts and look somewhere else this time.

However, the replies I received weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. Searching for pugs is difficult enough, searching for black ones seemed to limit me even more! A few people contacted me saying they had fawns, but nobody had any black ones!

I felt that familiar feeling of disappointment as I continually received disheartening replies. Am I ever going to find them?

Then last Tuesday, I believe that chance intervened a little bit. As I scanned my brain I recalled how I came to find Polly back at the start of the year – a lady was very helpful and gave my details over email that lead me to her. I checked my Hotmail and I still had the very email saved in my history. I knew that I had to get in touch with this lady again.

I sent a very hopeful email and got a reply right away. When I saw my inbox update and notify me of a new message, excitement poured through my body. I read the following message:

Hi Grace.

My next litter will be fawn,but my Son and Daughter in law have one of my black girls who has a lovely litter of black Pug puppies, they are about 4 weeks old, and will be ready in a few weeks, they are mainly Snugglepug bred, so they are exceptionally beautiful babies.

Give Leanne and Michael a ring _______________ and arrange a viewing

Regards, Lesley.

I’m pretty sure that I was beaming ear to ear by the time I finished reading. To be safe I reread it once more and by then adrenaline kicked in. I could feel it. This was it!


In a now blurred contact we arranged to make our way to view the puppies on Thursday evening. It was such a pleasure to go and look at some tiny little pugs and be the first ones to give one a home! Although that made our decision even tougher as we had too much choice this time!


Where all the puppies were so lovely we had a hard decision picking one, but eventually…….

One stood out.


Introducing, Peggy! She is joining our family in the middle of September!

Thank you for reading, and I apologise for such a heavy ‘text’ filled post with a lack of lovely puppy pictures, my camera didn’t get any good snaps as the room we were in was dark. I promise lots of puppy pictures come September! However if you can’t wait I will be posting a few mobile images to my Twitter and Facebook of Peggy in the meantime! Stay tuned….

Another New Class

I’m all about classes lately, but this time I’m not talking about Yoga, Spin or Pilates classes. Today I’m talking about a dog training class. Yes you heard correctly! Last night on a bit of a spare of the moment thing, Polly, my mum and myself all went to a dog training class. It was definitely an eye opening experience, but it was good fun!


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