Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 1

Last year I developed a bizarre interest that has slowly taken over me and turned me into a crazy woman. I’ve completely fallen in love with pugs. I use the word ‘bizarre’ because strictly speaking I come from a family that has very little to do with animals and especially dogs. The most we have stretched to are small cadged creatures like hamsters, budgies, guinea pigs. The world of dogs is completely unknown to us. Nobody in my family even owns a dog.

It all started when I stumbled across a blog called CarrotsNCake in early 2011, which I now read on a daily basis if I can. I don’t even know how I found CarrotsNCake but it really interested me right from the start  and one of the things that stood out to me was that it occasionally featured Tina’s dog Murphy. At first when I saw her dog Murphy, I was like, ‘oh no she’s got one of those funny wrinkly faced dogs!’ My initial impression was who would want one of those dogs?!

However, I started to find myself looking forward to checking CarrotsNCake in hope of a glimpse of Murphy. Something about those big round eyes set in a face full of wrinkles strangely fascinated me. (Not to mention that curly tail of theirs.) And despite myself, despite that initial urge to curl my nose up at such a funny looking dog, I ended up addictively staring at these images of Murphy on my laptop with a goofy grin on my face.


Then it went to another level. I was searching up videos of pugs on Youtube, going on Google images, doing even more gawping at these four legged creatures. And its not just the looks that appeal to me – their character is totally adorable too. I’ve read so many good things about the type of dogs pugs are.

You know that you’ve got it bad when you double check every dog walker’s lead for a curly pug tail. I seriously do look at every dog walker I pass to check and see if they’re walking a pug.


I was hooked.

But I knew I had zero chance in persuading my parents to let me get one of my own.

I set out on what seemed like an impossible mission: to persuade mum and dad to let me get a pug.

Lets just say that my mum is pretty firm when she wants to be. And many times I thought that I was on a pointless mission.

It was a ‘no’ for a very long time.

But I knew I had to prove just how serious I was about getting one, so I couldn’t give up!

Time passed and my passion for pugs grew and grew.

I’d like to think that I proved not just to my parents but anyone that knows me, just how much of a crazy pug woman I’ve turned into.

And finally, I saw light at the end of the tunnel. We began making negotiations. ‘You can maybe get one if…’ ‘   You can get a pug when…’ believe me a ‘maybe’ was a great improvement from a stern ‘no’

I kept on pushing.


Then late last year, I heard the words come out of my mum’s mouth ‘You can get a pug in the spring.’ I never thought I would see the day!!!

As soon as 2012 rolled around I have been on the lookout for puppies. I didn’t realise just how tricky it would be to get my hands on one. Then last week we contacted a woman who had a pregnant female ready to give birth over the weekend (the one just gone) and I was to ring her back. Obviously I was ecstatic. I had my fingers crossed. And I was so eager to get back in touch that I had my dad ring the lady up on Saturday morning while I was at work.

Bad news.

She had given birth to two females and they were already sold. I was gutted! Clearly I wasn’t eager enough. I was a bit taken back by how unhelpful she was towards us too. Nevertheless these things happen for a reason because it made me realise that I needed to be more pushy. I needed to maximise my search and contact as many people as possible. I also started getting more flexible with how far I was willing to travel.


Over the last weekend I have sent out dozens upon dozens of emails, text messages, answer phone messages to hopeful breeders.

Some people just point blank ignored me. A few friendly people were nice enough to let me know they weren’t having any yet but maybe in the future. Then late yesterday evening I sent an email to a breeder and miraculously I got a reply almost instantly: here is what I got back:

Hi Grace.

I have not got any Pug puppies or any due yet, I hope to have some in the Summer.

You could try a friend of mine who has Pug puppies, have a look at her website.

Regards Lesley.

Snugglepug? My mind was racing. I took in the heaving website full to the brim of pugs and acting on impulse I sent a text to them:

photo (4)

It was fairly late on a Sunday evening so I wasn’t expecting an immediate response. But to my utter shock my phone began violently vibrating minutes later with a phone call from the lady! My hands were shaking and my voice felt like it was trapped in my throat! I was not expecting a phone call, that began a little something like this:

Is that Grace? ….. Yes I’m Grace….. What were you looking for?I haven’t exactly decided what I want yet, but a fawn girl or boy…. We’ve got both: a bitch and a dog. Can you come and meet with us?

I could not believe it! Okay, looking back I didn’t completely think the whole thing through, my mum was in the bath when I sent the text and I had no idea the lady would ring me back so quickly. I hadn’t discussed it through but all I knew was that I had an opportunity that I could not miss!


So, tomorrow, I am travelling 80 miles to look at some puppies. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high because I had a lot of disappointment over the weekend and I don’t think I could handle a lot more. However this could very well be the end of my story in searching for a pug puppy – yet only the very beginning of a whole new very exciting story in my life. I am so excited.

To be continued…


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