Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 2


In case you missed it, you can find part 1 here.


So today I travelled a total of 160 miles to meet my puppy! All day yesterday my stomach was giddy with butterflies and it wasn’t a lot better this morning. I was so excited! I set my alarm for 7am so I had plenty of time to let my nerves calm and get ready to leave just after 9. I had arrange with Elaine to visit her at 11, and because I had to travel on the busy M25 I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to get there.


Thankfully it was a very smooth, eventless journey into West Sussex and I arrived just before 11. I knew on pulling up to the house that it was the right one because there was a pug sign outside the gate. Loved it!

Elaine met me at the gate and we walked into her home together, where we were greeted by a beautiful black pug – I knew right away I was going to be in my element here.


We went through into the lounge and attached was a conservatory with a pen full of beautiful pug puppies.


All the ones with collars have owners waiting to pick them up.


So adorable!


I’ve always known that I want a fawn coloured pug, but I was sort of undecided on whether I wanted a girl or a boy. Luckily Elaine had both a girl and a boy so we had them both out on the carpet for a bit of pug playtime while I made a decision.

It was a tough call because obviously they were both so cute. I liked the little boy because he sat and had strokes with you. And I liked the little girl because she was a bundle of joy.

In the end though I made my decision, and I went for the little girl. Meet Polly the Pug!


I went for the girl in the end because Elaine told me that the girls stay smaller than the boys and to be honest the smaller the better! But a pug is a pug! I’m absolutely delighted!


I got my date book out and marked a very important date in there today:


As if I would ever forget! Polly comes home in two weeks time on the first of February! Time to get the house ready for pug mayhem!

I can’t believe it – I’m getting a pug! x


One thought on “Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 2

  1. Aww thats such a lovely story.
    We are two pugs who live across the pond from you in Ireland.
    We are now following your blog, Why not follow our blog to find out about our adventures.
    We are also on Twitter, we cant wait to hear about how you are getting on with your pugs.

    Also look forward to pugpuppy pictures

    Ava and Smith

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