Another New Class

I’m all about classes lately, but this time I’m not talking about Yoga, Spin or Pilates classes. Today I’m talking about a dog training class. Yes you heard correctly! Last night on a bit of a spare of the moment thing, Polly, my mum and myself all went to a dog training class. It was definitely an eye opening experience, but it was good fun!


Last time I took Polly to the vet I noticed a poster on the desk advertising dog training. It was already something that I had considered in my mind, so I took the number down in my phone. I want Polly to be a well behaved dog for her own good and for us, furthermore doing a training class would also socialise her around other dogs which is also very important.

I think I’ve mentioned before in a previous Pug Stats post that I sent out a question on Twitter for some ideas from fellow pug people on training and puppy classes were mentioned, and some encouraging words from Chester really prompted me to just go for it! It made me realise that I want Polly to respond to us as much as possible in case a dangerous situation was ever to occur – you can only be too careful right? And I’m so glad I tried it, so a big thank you to Chester and Chester’s mum for the friendly advice! You’ve got to love the benefits of Twitter pals when you have a puppy right?


We were late joiners to an eight week long course which was in its third week yesterday. Despite being late starters, I still found it very beneficial and I’m confident that it will continue to be in the next five weeks. There were all sorts of dogs there, and obviously Polly was the tiniest, youngest member present. But thankfully the class wasn’t big, it consisted of about 5 dogs and their owners, plus a few trainers on hand.

At first I was a bit like, ‘oh my god how is she going to respond to all these massive dogs?’ and initially Polly wouldn’t budge from the spot. They were all barking their heads off and she was sitting nervously in the corner. But she quickly became calmer and was intrigued by all the new dog smells! She was so confident and well behaved, I couldn’t believe how well she did!


It only lasted for forty minutes but I felt like we covered a fair amount of things, such as sitting, staying, laying down low and coming to their names. It was good to just pick up some useful tips too!


I’m going to speak more about Polly’s personal training habits in detail later on in today’s Pug Stats post. But I’m definitely pleased that I went for it with the training class, I mean I’m so inexperienced with dogs that I feel like I owe it to Polly to get it right – and hopefully I’m going the right away about doing so! I hope that Polly’s confidence and my own confidence will grow through this experience.

Have you ever gone to a training class for one of your pets? How did you find the experience? x


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