Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 4

Here it is – the news I’ve been eagerly anticipating to reveal in more detail! We’ve had Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 but incredibly my Pug Story is taking on another journey this year. Are you ready for Part 4?! Well here it is…

If you’ve read the first three parts to my Pug story, you would have learnt what a difficult time I had persuading my mum and dad to let me get Polly. Over the last seven months, that has become a distant memory, almost another life because right now we couldn’t imagine our life without my pug, Polly in it. She has become such a huge part of our life and completely and utterly one of the family.


I can’t believe how much a little pug would change my life, but she did. It has been such a pleasure watching a little puppy grow and I have cherished so many memories as a result. I have met so many lovely new people through puppy training and Twitter that I never would have crossed paths with if it wasn’t for Polly.  2012 really has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, its quite overwhelming when I think about it.

For Christmas I got a pug calendar, I jokingly remarked that “2012 is going to be the year of the pugs for me” and when I got Polly in February it really did become the year of the pugs… Oh if only I had known back then that my comment was really going to come true!


I’ve always liked both fawn and black pugs, and I was clear from the start that one day I would like one of each. But obviously while Polly was young we wanted to put all of our love and energy into looking after her, and also see how she is around other dogs. And well it didn’t take long at all to see that she loves everyone – human and animal. As Polly has grown up a little its become clear that we are in love with our pug and the thought of another one in our family is just too irresistible. But the question was, did we wait and enjoy Polly for a bit longer or did we brave it and go for double trouble?

Over the last month mum, dad and myself have all been thinking long and hard about the idea of getting a brother or sister for Polly. Honestly, I don’t think that any of us can resist the temptation of another little puppy running around. But above all of that, we thought that maybe it would be a good idea to get another puppy now while all of the ‘puppy training’ is still fresh in our mind. I know without hesitation that Polly would adore a companion in a pug form to play with as she simply loves everyone.


Then on mum’s birthday last week while we were sitting outside a pub in Greenwich we just went for it and dialled the number of Polly’s breeder. Ideally we are after a puppy in early September time after our holiday because it would be too much taking a newly trained pup to someone’s holiday cottage with us. By some kind of chance, Elaine Polly’s breeder, told us that she’s expecting a litter of puppies by the end of this month – which is the perfect time for us. Now we just have to hope that there are some little black pugs arriving in a few weeks time!

So excited that our family is going to have yet another addition in mere weeks!


We’re getting another pug! Open-mouthed smile 


To be continued….


One thought on “Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 4

  1. Here is hoping the puppy lottery works in your favour.
    Ava was 10 months old when we got Smith, they are best buds now and two completely different personalities.

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