Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 3–Polly Is Home!

My journey in finding my little pug came to a close today. But while one journey finished, another huge adventure has only just began. Polly Pug is home! Currently we both feel like this:


Today has been absolutely overwhelming – I’m so happy to finally have my little fur baby home with me. Polly has been so good given such a big move! She was well behaved for the duration of our hour and a half car journey home, she’s eaten out of her bowl a few times, has peed on her training mats and has generally started to ease herself into the comfort of her new home.


Lots of cuddles and attention ensued today.


With some snoozing,


But not to forget mischief making!


I’d like to think that I have fully taken on the role of fur-mum; sticking by Polly’s side since she came home at lunch time today, and even when she’s not been at my side like when we put her in her crate when we had dinner – I was still going to check on her as frequently as possible.

Polly is now in her crate for the night, we are going to leave the radio on gently for her as a comforting background noise but otherwise we plan to let her stay downstairs on her own. I don’t know if its the lack of sleep from yesterday or my pug filled day today but I am absolutely shattered now!

Lets see how our first night with Polly in the family goes then shall we? x


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