2011 –The Ups And The Downs

This year has been the craziest, and most overwhelming year of my life. Our life as we knew it took a backseat as my granddad got sicker and sicker as 2011 progressed. My parents have been incredibly selfless in taking on the responsibility of looking after my poorly granddad and also my nan. I know how tough this year has been on them and that is hard for me to watch.

Despite everything we have still tried to make our lives happy and fulfilled which is more than most people would do given our circumstances. And although 2011 has been a rotten year, it made me all the more grateful for the good times! 

March – Up Moment: Seeing Enrique Iglesias at the 02


April – Up Moment: Started this little blog, you can read my first post here.

April – Down Moment: Hurt my knee and had to stop running


April – Up Moment: Took Nan and Granddad out to Wickhambreaux.


June – Up Moment: Finished my first year at uni.

June – Down Moment: Lost Caramel.


June – Up Moment: Had a lovely birthday weekend.


July – Up Moment: Celebrated a golden wedding anniversary in my family.


July – Up Moment: Saw Take That at Wembley in a box.


July – Up Moment: Went on holiday to Spain.


August – Up Moment: Got a promotion at work.


September – Up Moment: Joined a new gym.

October – Up Moment: Celebrated our three years.

November – Down Moment: Granddad Bill passed away.

November – Up Moment: Started an allotment.


November – Up Moment: Bought a new car.


December – Up Moment: Went to the zoo.

Oh what a year!


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