Thank goodness I already had plans in place for last night, I really think that I needed to go out and take my mind off things.


I also managed to get most of the stuff done that I wanted to yesterday. I made myself busy around the house by cleaning and so on, the only thing I didn’t really do is go to the gym. I’ve really neglected the gym since Caramel got ill, other things were prioritised and then I just really haven’t felt like going. I’ll get back on routine next week.

* Do the dishes,
* Put washing out,
* Hoover and dust,
* Clean mirrors and windows in my bedroom,
* Tidy up my stuff in the living room,
* Maybe go to the gym,
* Get train tickets for Sunday,
* Buy a few bits from the shops,
* See my grandparents,
* Get ready for tonight.

Last night I had dinner plans with Gary, Steve and Caroline, (Gary’s brother and sister-in-law.) We went out for an Indian at our usual, local curry house for my birthday.

My actual birthday isn’t until Sunday, but I’ve booked the whole weekend off work for it.


This is random, but I noticed that my eyes looked really blue last night. Maybe a day of tears makes your eyes more defined in colour? Or do they always look this blue?

Before pictures:



The dress I wore was a fabulous choice for going out for a big dinner, it was a loose styled dress. Normally I don’t like loose clothing as I’m worried it looks baggy but I quite like this dress because it has a nice embellished bit at the top and the butterfly print is cute and summery.


Our table was booked for half past 8, and I hadn’t really had much of an appetite under the circumstances so the last thing I ate was lunch. By the time 8 o’clock came last night I was beginning to feel hungry. I was anticipating a big old meal.


However, I began struggling with just my starter – not a good sign! I ordered the onion bhaji starter, and you get three bhajis and I could just about manage two! Gary had my third one.

Then I only ate about 2/3 of my main course, a lamb biryani, which I normally love and gulp down energetically. Sometimes when I’ve been through something emotional it can impact my appetite, either making it even worse than it normally is so I’m eating loads, or like last night my appetite is a lot more conservative and I don’t touch as much food as I would usually. Strangely enough though, even Gary struggled to finish his biryani too! And his appetite is fantastic Winking smile he could eat a horse!

The restaurant was packed out so it was obviously quite noisy, the lighting was low and it was really warm inside, when usually they have air-con blasting out in the winter. It was unusual for it to be so warm in there. Maybe these factors contributed to our weird hunger patterns.


Caroline & Steve.

Although I didn’t finish all of my main there was cake and dessert Winking smile


I had ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to me with the aid of cake and candle, which was very kind Smile

Caroline's copy3Caroline's copy



Then I had dessert. I left just enough room for my sweet. I had this dessert on valentines day when we went to this restaurant. Its really tasty, the ice cream is vanilla and it has like crispy bits of chocolate with a rich truffle in the middle! Yum.


Despite the sad day, I still had a lovely evening in good company. In times of sadness its healthy to distract yourself and be immersed around people that make you happy.

Deep down I still feel quite broken up inside, I had an incident getting my train tickets yesterday where my emotions kind of exploded. I won’t go into details but I was driving my car in tears until I realised I was being an idiot and should pull the car over. I was alone in my car on some random road and broke down. I must have looked like some crazy lady.



Today is a new day and fresh start. I wish that I could say that the sunshine was out, but so far it looks damp and miserable Sad smile


Not exactly the day I envisioned when I imagined by birthday weekend. I am hopeful it may clear up later though.

We’ve made plans to go out later during the day, and then in the evening we’re going for a meal.

When I make my trip out later, we are going to drop into Morrisons so that I can print some pictures of my Caramel. It will be a nice thing to have a copy of the beautiful pictures I have.


Trusty USB at the ready..

Now lets see what this day brings.



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