Bath From A Tour Bus

Good Evening everyone! I hope your week got off to a nice start, ours most certainly has here in Dorset. The sun came out for us today, which was really lovely because we spent the day in Bath and had a smashing time. I have wanted to visit Bath for ages now because from what I had seen of it, it looked like such a gorgeous city – and I was not wrong! Our cottage is about an hour away and while we were close we decided to make a trip into the lovely city.


Our day involved quite a lot of travelling.


We travelled by car, park and ride and by an open air tour bus. It was mum who suggested we all get the tour bus once we were there, and it turned out to be a really good decision. By taking the city tour it enabled us to get a real glimpse of  Bath, which frankly we wouldn’t have been able to cover by foot in a single day. Plus because we were up high on the bus the views were far superior to the views we would have got on foot.


I haven’t been on a city tour bus before but I can see why they are so popular: the buses arrive frequently (approximately every 12 minutes) and you can get on and off as you please. The only down side I suppose is the price, tickets are about £11 which makes is quite expensive when you consider that we travelled as a family of five of us. But then again, when you’re on holiday you sort of allow for things like that as they are a rare treat. However Polly didn’t find the bus much of a treat when I put her down by the footrest!


“Oh let me up?”


“How about if I poke my tongue out?”


Oopsie sorry its so easy to get carried away with pictures of Polly, I can’t help myself when she is so cute! Back on topic.. Bath..


Yes so, the tour was really worth while as it felt like we got to see lots of the city! I was so relieved that my expectations of Bath weren’t let down, it was everything I hoped it would be and more in a way. It was exactly my sort of city, with prosperous buildings, shops and gardens and yet there is still the sense that you are not too far away from the countryside too.



You can tell that Bath is a city that takes pride in itself as it looks completely in keeping with the marvellous old buildings: there are pretty flower arrangements, well kept lawns and the thing that I spotted immediately was a lack of litter.


We are terrible for our litter and I think it is disgusting, so seeing a city looking so clean and tidy was very liberating and rare. I wish that everywhere was a little more like Bath.


It was fascinating gawping at all the lovely old buildings.









Because we could get on and off the bus we did see quite a lot of the city on foot too, we walked up and down the high street, looked outside the Roman Baths, plus walked around the Royal Crescent


Perfect opportunity for picture taking:



Love her Red heart


We’re having a fabulous time on our holiday x Red heart


Have a good week everyone ! Much love x x x


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