A Blustery Day Out To Corfe


We had a busy, blustery day out to Corfe Castle yesterday. It was another great family day out! Unfortunately the weather was a little on the damp side with drizzle on and off, but luckily while we were out it stayed quite dry! We had to take raincoats to be on the safe side though. A little drizzle wasn’t going to keep us away and the fresh air was rather refreshing!


Polly thoroughly enjoyed herself as she got loads of attention from fellow tourists all day long.



We had originally thought about going on the railway at Swanage but decided against it in the end. I could tell just from our journey into Corfe that it was going to be a good day despite the change of plans. We had great fun on the drive there passing what seemed to be some sort of festival (we think it was the steam fair) and honestly I have never seen anything like it in my life. There were caravans and mad baths galore!


I tried to get a picture of it all but it just doesn’t capture the scale of the mayhem we observed as we drove passed. All that mud and dirt is my idea of hell. There were loads of cars, caravans and police cars whizzing by – it was seriously all go! Thankfully it didn’t interrupt our journey into Corfe too much as we got there in about an hour.


The car park was ridiculously full and we had to park on a separate road that was luckily only quarter of a mile away from the village.


The castle is a ruin but it is so impressive and there is surprisingly so much to see, up on the grounds and in amongst the ruin there are spectacular views in every single direction. I can’t get over the gorgeous county that we are staying in at the moment, its so beautiful.




Its also really surreal when you look at these old bits of building simply sticking out the earth rather precariously. No wonder that they have to get special architects in every five years to check that the place isn’t going to fall down. Yikes!


And although we didn’t get to go to Swanage we still caught a glimpse of the steam trains passing through the village below. The old fashioned train looked so perfect gliding through the gorgeous countryside.


Does anybody else think of Harry Potter when they see steam trains? Haha I had the theme tune bobbing along mentally inside my brain each time I saw the trains passing!


Once we were up in the ruins the views just kept on coming.







Queen of the castle….



Everyone on their holidays… x



Corfe Castle made a really good trip, I would definitely recommend a visit to anyone holidaying in the area if not just for the stunning views around the area!

The best way to end a lovely Sunday?


Naturally, a curry night back home in the cottage!


With a delicious Berry Solero for dessert. Love love love.


Hopefully off to Bath today! So excited! x x


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