Relax, Drink, Dine, Repeat…

Hello, hello long time no blog – ok its only been a few days but hey I missed it…. So yesterday I came back from a short break away and if you’re friends with me on Facebook or Twitter you may have heard about the disastrous events with Polly swallowing a bone. The vet did immediate surgery last night to remove it. After a lot of tears, worry and waiting around I’m relieved to say Polly is home now and seems to be recovering well. But so, NOT the reunion I had imagined to come back to. Accidents happen I guess?


I will post a more detailed update on Polly in due course but this post is about my short trip this week. I had a pleasant enough break away prior to the dramatic events last night. I had plenty of time to think and relax while I was away in the picturesque town of Rye, in Sussex. I had been to Rye once or twice before as I child but my memories of it were limited, so I was pleased to rediscover what a charming place it is. It is an ideal location for a peaceful break. The main events of my mini-holiday besides a little sight seeing were basically eating and drinking. It was a simplistic little affair.


When I arrived for our trip my car boot was so full it actually looked like I was moving in to the B&B rather than just spending a few days there. Man I take a lot of stuff with me, clearly ‘travelling light’ does not exist in my world….


Thankfully our room was adequately sized to fit all of my extra stuff, with a double bed dominating the room and a spacious en-suit joining next door. The B&B was actually very tasteful indeed and I made a good decision picking this particular place to stay. I only booked us a basic room but it was still of a high quality standard – clean, contemporary and very comfortable.Hotel1

I didn’t really have too much on the agenda whilst I was away so it was good to just go with the flow of the days and relax as much as possible. Luckily there were dozens and dozens of cafes, pubs and restaurants to try out so we had our pick of the bunch while away.








Our drinking and dining ranged from charming little tea rooms, to Indian cuisine, to old pubs, to a beach cafe to an Italian restaurant! We had quite a wide range in a short space of time, and all of it was superb.






In addition to the great quality food and drink. I must say that I was quite surprised by how reasonably priced everything was in Rye too. Everything was at the least average, but in some places even more reasonable than average prices. We found one pub where diet coke was £1 for a glass, coffee was never more than a couple of pounds either and our meals were very competitively priced. Its good to enjoy yourself while you’re away without feeling like a business is putting you out of pocket.




We did tear away from Rye once, and that was for a short trip to Camber Sands while the sun had put his hat on, on Thursday.


Naturally the sunshine and warm weather called for ice-lollies!


I love Calippo Ice lollies, or as I call them ‘push-up’ lollies, they remind me of my childhood so I always smile like a goon whenever I have one now. Hehe. The one I had at Camber was a tropical strawberry flavour, oh so refreshing!


Although it was a very nice gold sandy beach, there wasn’t really very much there: just beach, toilets and the odd cafe that was miles away. I’m much more of a seasidey-town loving girl but that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy a little fresh sea air on my face.


And also in my hair apparently! I had crazy beach hair that night: But I kinda liked it! Big, blonde, bouncy waves!


Question Of The Day – What do you miss most when you’re away from home?



Not a lot to report from my break other than that it was a charming, relaxing break. Although I was feeling refreshed, I was more than ready to come home by Friday. I’m still feeling very overwhelmed by the accidental events of yesterday afternoon with Polly, but I’m just so relieved and grateful that she seems herself this morning Smile


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