A Blustery Day Out To Corfe


We had a busy, blustery day out to Corfe Castle yesterday. It was another great family day out! Unfortunately the weather was a little on the damp side with drizzle on and off, but luckily while we were out it stayed quite dry! We had to take raincoats to be on the safe side though. A little drizzle wasn’t going to keep us away and the fresh air was rather refreshing!


Polly thoroughly enjoyed herself as she got loads of attention from fellow tourists all day long.



We had originally thought about going on the railway at Swanage but decided against it in the end. I could tell just from our journey into Corfe that it was going to be a good day despite the change of plans. We had great fun on the drive there passing what seemed to be some sort of festival (we think it was the steam fair) and honestly I have never seen anything like it in my life. There were caravans and mad baths galore!


I tried to get a picture of it all but it just doesn’t capture the scale of the mayhem we observed as we drove passed. All that mud and dirt is my idea of hell. There were loads of cars, caravans and police cars whizzing by – it was seriously all go! Thankfully it didn’t interrupt our journey into Corfe too much as we got there in about an hour.


The car park was ridiculously full and we had to park on a separate road that was luckily only quarter of a mile away from the village.


The castle is a ruin but it is so impressive and there is surprisingly so much to see, up on the grounds and in amongst the ruin there are spectacular views in every single direction. I can’t get over the gorgeous county that we are staying in at the moment, its so beautiful.




Its also really surreal when you look at these old bits of building simply sticking out the earth rather precariously. No wonder that they have to get special architects in every five years to check that the place isn’t going to fall down. Yikes!


And although we didn’t get to go to Swanage we still caught a glimpse of the steam trains passing through the village below. The old fashioned train looked so perfect gliding through the gorgeous countryside.


Does anybody else think of Harry Potter when they see steam trains? Haha I had the theme tune bobbing along mentally inside my brain each time I saw the trains passing!


Once we were up in the ruins the views just kept on coming.







Queen of the castle….



Everyone on their holidays… x



Corfe Castle made a really good trip, I would definitely recommend a visit to anyone holidaying in the area if not just for the stunning views around the area!

The best way to end a lovely Sunday?


Naturally, a curry night back home in the cottage!


With a delicious Berry Solero for dessert. Love love love.


Hopefully off to Bath today! So excited! x x


The Best Of 2012–August

Another month has slipped by again, a month where, regretfully, I rarely blogged at all. This summer was a bit of a weird one with all the rubbish weather, then we had a month of being unable to go out with Polly as she was in season so the weeks slugged by quietly. My hours at work also seem to drag out across the whole week and so my dear blog has gradually become more and more neglected. However,  August definitely had some big an little highlights:

Getting A Mini.


Watching the new Batman Movie.


BBQ-ing It Up For The Closing Ceremony.


Meeting Peggy for the first time.

peggy 2

I really wish I had a tiny bit more time to do my blog regularly like I used to, but with another new puppy on the way and enrolling in my new uni course I can’t make myself any promises. I will try my best though Open-mouthed smile

A Breakfast Scene

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so they say. I love this meal time on holiday. All the family gathered round a large dining room table with the smell of crispy bacon in the air. There is a pot of delicious coffee on the go, a box of cornflakes and naturally Heinz tomato ketchup at hand. Eating and chatting the morning away. Simple family times. Its the perfect Sunday morning breakfast scene.


Despite the drizzly rain outside the cottage windows I’m feeling quite bright and cheerful as we plan our day out. We’re thinking of visiting Corfe Castle and taking a look at the railway at Swanage Smile 

Have a lovely Sunday x

Exploring The Area

Hello again from Lime Tree Cottage! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far. Today is day one of our holiday in Dorset. The weather was mildly better than it was yesterday, it has still been cloudy – although the sun has made an appearance this evening – and when the breeze isn’t up its been quite warm at times. The main thing is that it has remained dry all day! Yipee! We kicked our holiday off with a stunning drive through the land.


The views of the landscape are simply gorgeous here. The yellow and green fields seem to go on forever, weaving in and out of the land magnificently. It was really lovely just taking a leisurely drive around the area.



The views went on forever.


And just when we thought we had seen it all, we stopped at a little town called Shaftesbury which was very quaint and had yet another view point of the landscape from a different angle. DSCN6835

We stopped on a park bench, had some lunch, tasty ham and salad cream sandwiches on soft white bread with some other picnic bits and enjoyed the picturesque view.


There were plenty of nick-nacky shops in Shaftesbury and my eager eyes spotted a few little boutiques with my beloved Cath Kidston accessories in. I also treated myself to a little something in one of the jewellers.


My Pandora has been a little neglected lately and I’ve been meaning to buy a new charm for ages now. Actually the last one I remember getting was with my Christmas money so it really has been a while! The last time I went into Pandora at Bluewater I walked out empty handed because I was so overwhelmed with choice. But with a little bit more time on my hands today I actually managed to pick something pretty out. I’m trying to keep the bracelet symmetrical so I bought two of the large round heart charms to go at the ends of the surrounding charms. I’m really pleased with how it looks Open-mouthed smile


When we got back to the cottage we had a nice cup of tea then took another stroll around the lane where we’re staying. Everywhere I look is so pretty, I love it here.


I think that Polly is enjoying herself, but she still seems a little unsettled with her new setting: lots of barking and charging. She is so busy trying to explore the new place that she has barely slept a wink all day, and so this afternoon when we got back from our walk this happened:


We had a passed out pooch on the tiles!

I’m actually feeling pretty tired myself! I’m sensing a quiet evening full of pug snuggling. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday whatever you’re up to x x x

From Lime Tree Cottage

Hello from Lime Tree Cottage!


We’re on our summer holiday!


Yes I said ‘summer’ and yes I am wearing my coat, it was a bit nippy on our evening stroll last night! Well it is September now.. so maybe this is our autumn holiday.


Our cottage is in the middle of nowhere, on a long, narrow country lane. A week of tranquillity is on the agenda for us.


And hey a girl could get used to having a view like this from her bedroom window:


Love it! Peace, quiet and uninterrupted countryside views.


Oh and one more holiday must have,


Grandma’s homemade cooking! Holy yum.

Barking Mad: The Pug Story Part 5

Ah I finally found a minute to sit down and catch up on my blog… Now where were we? Oh yes, the eagerly anticipated follow up to my puppy adventures.

Okay so around a month ago we finally made the decision to get another puppy. At first it seemed that we had it all planned out: we had spoken with Polly’s breeder and we fully intended to return to her once again for our next pug. She told us that she had a litter due at the end of July so we were hopeful to receive news on puppies within a couple of weeks. After what seemed like a long wait we inquired once more when July was almost over, only to be informed that she got the dates muddled up and to give it another week.

More waiting was torturous, and I begun to get anxious – all I wanted was an update on puppies! So naturally when that week was up I got in touch one final time to ask for an update. However this time I never got a response back. I watched the days pass again, and before I knew it the days turned into weeks and it was a fortnight since our breeder had last been in touch with me, let alone give me any news.

As you can imagine I was beyond frustrated and honestly, a little bit annoyed and confused that I never heard back from Polly’s breeder. Its a difficult situation because you don’t want to be too pestering but at the same time if you want a pug you’ve got to be persistent.

Patience never was my strong point.

And so I begun to reassess my options….

The hunt for a pug puppy started from scratch all over again.



Before I knew it, it felt like January all over again where I was frantically sending out dozens of spontaneous texts and emails to local breeders I got from the Kennel Club website. Contrasting the odd communication I had with Polly’s breeder, I received practically immediate replies from many people I contacted regarding puppies in the local area, confirming that I was making the right decision to stick to my guts and look somewhere else this time.

However, the replies I received weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. Searching for pugs is difficult enough, searching for black ones seemed to limit me even more! A few people contacted me saying they had fawns, but nobody had any black ones!

I felt that familiar feeling of disappointment as I continually received disheartening replies. Am I ever going to find them?

Then last Tuesday, I believe that chance intervened a little bit. As I scanned my brain I recalled how I came to find Polly back at the start of the year – a lady was very helpful and gave my details over email that lead me to her. I checked my Hotmail and I still had the very email saved in my history. I knew that I had to get in touch with this lady again.

I sent a very hopeful email and got a reply right away. When I saw my inbox update and notify me of a new message, excitement poured through my body. I read the following message:

Hi Grace.

My next litter will be fawn,but my Son and Daughter in law have one of my black girls who has a lovely litter of black Pug puppies, they are about 4 weeks old, and will be ready in a few weeks, they are mainly Snugglepug bred, so they are exceptionally beautiful babies.

Give Leanne and Michael a ring _______________ and arrange a viewing

Regards, Lesley.

I’m pretty sure that I was beaming ear to ear by the time I finished reading. To be safe I reread it once more and by then adrenaline kicked in. I could feel it. This was it!


In a now blurred contact we arranged to make our way to view the puppies on Thursday evening. It was such a pleasure to go and look at some tiny little pugs and be the first ones to give one a home! Although that made our decision even tougher as we had too much choice this time!


Where all the puppies were so lovely we had a hard decision picking one, but eventually…….

One stood out.


Introducing, Peggy! She is joining our family in the middle of September!

Thank you for reading, and I apologise for such a heavy ‘text’ filled post with a lack of lovely puppy pictures, my camera didn’t get any good snaps as the room we were in was dark. I promise lots of puppy pictures come September! However if you can’t wait I will be posting a few mobile images to my Twitter and Facebook of Peggy in the meantime! Stay tuned….


I have another new thing to obsessively accessorise with – my Mini! Since getting my Mini at the beginning of the month it has been my pride and joy. I never thought that I would be one of those ‘car crazy’ people but having the Mini has changed things a little. I am in love with this four wheeled baby beyond my expectations. It was definitely the best decision I have made in my motoring journey so far. I am so pleased with its appearance and its drives wonderfully.


Keeping up the Mini’s chic appearance with a black iPhone car charger which I think is so much smarter than the original white one. However a white charger is useful when you’re rummaging through your handbag as it stands out so much.


Fancy flower dashboard decoration courtesy of the very nice people from FabCar. Naturally a pink theme is going here Winking smile


Air fresheners




Pretty storage boxes in the Miniature boot, get it? Winking smile



And of course a pretty new Key Ring to show off the new key.


So happy with the new wheels! Open-mouthed smile

Stay tuned for a puppy update very shortly in the next few days x x

The Food Of Summer

The food of summer comes off the BBQ. I have so much love for BBQs mainly because they are one of those seasonal things that you enjoy at a particular time of the year.


Is there anything better than sitting in the garden with a cold glass of diet coke in your hand lapping up the smell of the BBQ cooking away on a warm summers evening?

No is the answer to that!

The Bunting in our garden has faded in the sunshine, but it has otherwise survived the eventful summer of 2012. It was a lovely evening eating BBQ food and watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics. I love summer when it feels like this!


Have a great week! x

Wednesday Treats

You’ve got to love Orange Wednesdays. Its the middle of the week. We’re a little bit closer to the weekend but not quite there yet. Perhaps a movie to cheer us up mid-week? It certainly does cheer me up anyway. I love the cinema. I love the escapism of it – I feel as though I can go and disappear for a few hours to another planet.  Although I’m not really one to speak as today was shockingly only my second visit to the cinema this year. Crazy huh?


If you’re wondering, I went to see the new Batman film with my dad. Cinema trips are our thing. We don’t get to do it much recently, and I miss it. But I suppose that it makes it extra special when we do get to go though Smile 

It was most definitely worth waiting a few weeks to go and see the film, we were going to go last Wednesday but I picked up my car instead. As expected it was action packed, but completely brilliant and in a way the storyline was unexpected as you couldn’t quite tell where things were going to end up. Loved the ending! But I won’t put any spoilers out there!

Cinema snacks with my work discount:


(Side note: the refreshers were completely gone before the film even started. Fail)

What was the last film you went to see?

Blogger’s Block

I don’t know if its the odd British weather we seem to be having lately, my inspiration levels at a low or something in the water but I just cannot seem to get into my blog lately. Its very frustrating because I really want to blog but I can’t find the time for it and whenever I do find time I sit here wordlessly at my laptop screen. Call it a case of writer’s blogger’s block perhaps?

Actually writing is one of the only things I have ever been any good at. When I’m zoned out writing I feel quite at peace with myself. I’m in my own little bubble when I write.  Most of the time its for my own enjoyment, however a blog is not private and I have slowly got round to the idea of other people actually reading it. I sort of like the idea of other people reading my blog, so much so that continually receiving low page viewings recently has really knocked me back a bit. I can’t help but feel disappointed especially when I put so much into my blog.

However, I blog because I enjoy it. I do it for me. If anyone reads it I suppose I should maybe just consider it an added bonus?

Incredibly, we are now in August. What will another month bring I wonder?

[Hopefully some blogging at some point?]