Moors Valley

Good evening, one last time from Lime Tree Cottage! Our holiday has just whizzed by and I can’t believe we’re already on our last evening in the cottage. We’re travelling home tomorrow morning, fairly early as we have to check out by 10am. We’ve got quite a bit of journeying on busy motorways plus being a Friday we think its for the best that we head home earlier rather than later anyway. With a day of travelling tomorrow in mind, we chose to have another low key day again today and visited Moors Valley.


Moors Valley is a huge forest full of pine trees and it is a truly lovely spot for a bit of peace and quiet.  I would recommend a visit to anyone holidaying in the area, there are plenty of onsite facilities like cafe, toilets, information centre etc however two minutes walk and you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest.


The car park was relatively full for a week day in early September, however when we were walking around the trail we hardly ever passed another soul! The forest is incredible and I was overwhelmed by the size of it all. I felt like we had been transported to a completely remote spot in amongst all of the enormous pine trees.


It was so calm and quiet in the forest Red heart 



We bought a little map of the forest from the information centre but I wouldn’t recommend buying it as it was rubbish and had us all completely confused. This is the only complaint that I have – the trails weren’t very easy to follow and I would have enjoyed doing a structured walk around the forest. The signposts were very ambiguous as all they provided was the colour of a trail and no directions!


Trail or no trail we mooched around quite aimlessly and still had a very enjoyable time. The weather was perfect today, the sun was bright in a sky full of light fluffy looking clouds and the temperature in the forest was just right. Every now and then there was a cool breeze, but we were still able to leave our jackets off most the day.



Pleased with another chance to flaunt the sunnies Winking smile



And needless to say puggy loved it.


Since Polly’s been allowed off the lead walks have been given a whole new meaning to both her and us. She adores the freedom of it and I swear she goes round with the biggest smile on her face the entire time. I love watching her look so happy. Bit of fresh air is so good for us all!




Lovely bit of zooooming around.


She had her own little tag from the park clipped around her harness while we were round the forest Smile


Too cute.


We found a lovely viewpoint overlooking the forest where we spent a while just admiring the location and chilling out together. I’m so grateful for the family times we have all shared together this holiday, its so nice that we can come on holiday together and have such a nice time.





And just like that, another holiday has come to an end


The last day of a holiday is always bittersweet isn’t it? There’s a part of you that isn’t quite ready to let go of that wonderful holiday vibe, but at the same time you crave home and a sense of normality. But I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of our holiday in Dorset and I think I speak for all of us. We have been so busy and totally made the most of our trip… we have seen some incredible countryside, woodlands, forests, towns, ruins, and more.

I will be leaving tomorrow with some cherished family memories…..  here’s to the next holiday Red heart


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