Exploring The Area

Hello again from Lime Tree Cottage! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far. Today is day one of our holiday in Dorset. The weather was mildly better than it was yesterday, it has still been cloudy – although the sun has made an appearance this evening – and when the breeze isn’t up its been quite warm at times. The main thing is that it has remained dry all day! Yipee! We kicked our holiday off with a stunning drive through the land.


The views of the landscape are simply gorgeous here. The yellow and green fields seem to go on forever, weaving in and out of the land magnificently. It was really lovely just taking a leisurely drive around the area.



The views went on forever.


And just when we thought we had seen it all, we stopped at a little town called Shaftesbury which was very quaint and had yet another view point of the landscape from a different angle. DSCN6835

We stopped on a park bench, had some lunch, tasty ham and salad cream sandwiches on soft white bread with some other picnic bits and enjoyed the picturesque view.


There were plenty of nick-nacky shops in Shaftesbury and my eager eyes spotted a few little boutiques with my beloved Cath Kidston accessories in. I also treated myself to a little something in one of the jewellers.


My Pandora has been a little neglected lately and I’ve been meaning to buy a new charm for ages now. Actually the last one I remember getting was with my Christmas money so it really has been a while! The last time I went into Pandora at Bluewater I walked out empty handed because I was so overwhelmed with choice. But with a little bit more time on my hands today I actually managed to pick something pretty out. I’m trying to keep the bracelet symmetrical so I bought two of the large round heart charms to go at the ends of the surrounding charms. I’m really pleased with how it looks Open-mouthed smile


When we got back to the cottage we had a nice cup of tea then took another stroll around the lane where we’re staying. Everywhere I look is so pretty, I love it here.


I think that Polly is enjoying herself, but she still seems a little unsettled with her new setting: lots of barking and charging. She is so busy trying to explore the new place that she has barely slept a wink all day, and so this afternoon when we got back from our walk this happened:


We had a passed out pooch on the tiles!

I’m actually feeling pretty tired myself! I’m sensing a quiet evening full of pug snuggling. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday whatever you’re up to x x x


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