I have another new thing to obsessively accessorise with – my Mini! Since getting my Mini at the beginning of the month it has been my pride and joy. I never thought that I would be one of those ‘car crazy’ people but having the Mini has changed things a little. I am in love with this four wheeled baby beyond my expectations. It was definitely the best decision I have made in my motoring journey so far. I am so pleased with its appearance and its drives wonderfully.


Keeping up the Mini’s chic appearance with a black iPhone car charger which I think is so much smarter than the original white one. However a white charger is useful when you’re rummaging through your handbag as it stands out so much.


Fancy flower dashboard decoration courtesy of the very nice people from FabCar. Naturally a pink theme is going here Winking smile


Air fresheners




Pretty storage boxes in the Miniature boot, get it? Winking smile



And of course a pretty new Key Ring to show off the new key.


So happy with the new wheels! Open-mouthed smile

Stay tuned for a puppy update very shortly in the next few days x x


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