Wednesday Treats

You’ve got to love Orange Wednesdays. Its the middle of the week. We’re a little bit closer to the weekend but not quite there yet. Perhaps a movie to cheer us up mid-week? It certainly does cheer me up anyway. I love the cinema. I love the escapism of it – I feel as though I can go and disappear for a few hours to another planet.  Although I’m not really one to speak as today was shockingly only my second visit to the cinema this year. Crazy huh?


If you’re wondering, I went to see the new Batman film with my dad. Cinema trips are our thing. We don’t get to do it much recently, and I miss it. But I suppose that it makes it extra special when we do get to go though Smile 

It was most definitely worth waiting a few weeks to go and see the film, we were going to go last Wednesday but I picked up my car instead. As expected it was action packed, but completely brilliant and in a way the storyline was unexpected as you couldn’t quite tell where things were going to end up. Loved the ending! But I won’t put any spoilers out there!

Cinema snacks with my work discount:


(Side note: the refreshers were completely gone before the film even started. Fail)

What was the last film you went to see?


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