Blogger’s Block

I don’t know if its the odd British weather we seem to be having lately, my inspiration levels at a low or something in the water but I just cannot seem to get into my blog lately. Its very frustrating because I really want to blog but I can’t find the time for it and whenever I do find time I sit here wordlessly at my laptop screen. Call it a case of writer’s blogger’s block perhaps?

Actually writing is one of the only things I have ever been any good at. When I’m zoned out writing I feel quite at peace with myself. I’m in my own little bubble when I write.  Most of the time its for my own enjoyment, however a blog is not private and I have slowly got round to the idea of other people actually reading it. I sort of like the idea of other people reading my blog, so much so that continually receiving low page viewings recently has really knocked me back a bit. I can’t help but feel disappointed especially when I put so much into my blog.

However, I blog because I enjoy it. I do it for me. If anyone reads it I suppose I should maybe just consider it an added bonus?

Incredibly, we are now in August. What will another month bring I wonder?

[Hopefully some blogging at some point?]


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