A Show In The City

Hello! I’ve decided to get my blog back on! I haven’t really been in the swing of it lately as I feel as though I’m still anxiously waiting for everything around me to happen. Its going to be an explosion of excitement when it all does I can tell you that. As for what I’m waiting for: my exam results from June, (not so exciting actually) news from our breeder on a puppy update and my new car. It turns out that we didn’t have to wait as long as I imagined for Polly to come into season as she started her cycle on Monday. No walks or trips out for a while! Boo!


Well speaking of trips out, Tuesday was a welcome distraction from my state of anticipation as we (mum, and her parents) took a visit to London to watch a show. When it comes to fashionable and contemporary locations London is top of the list at the moment. Perhaps down to its unbeatable urban majesty. But more likely due to that little event they’re calling the Olympics?


Olympics aside, as usual being in London is like being thrown into a gigantic maze of tall buildings, big red buses and crowds of people. Every corner you turn seems to lead you deeper into the heart of the city.


Covent Garden remains my favourite spot to visit. I like what it represents with quirky market stalls next to designer boutiques – a reflection of London’s diverse scale. Its baffling to think that you can go from posh to poverty in the blink of an eye, but I suppose that’s true for all major cities though.


We had a few hours to kill before the show so enough time to soak up some festive Olympic vibes. Everywhere looked very jolly with London 2012 banners decorating all the hotspots, but unfortunately it was far too hot to explore as much as I’d have liked to.


Instead we stayed cool and hydrated under some shade, eating delicious Thornton’s ice cream, honeycomb caramel yum yum. When in London a union jack napkin is mandatory obviously!





Gradually the streets filled up with increased shadows of the evening which meant that it was time to make our way to the theatre for the 7pm performance of War Horse.


When I saw trailers for the movie it was one of those things that I liked the look of but never got round to watching  – but I was so glad I didn’t see the film as I got to enjoy the experience of watching it first time on the stage. We were seated high up in the front row at the side of the large theatre with a good view of all the action. I thought that the show was brilliantly clever and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I must say that I was expecting it to be really emotional but I thought it was actually quite a feel good show. There was drama, action, humour, heartache and lots of animals all wrapped up into one enjoyable performance.


However much I enjoy trips into the city, I always feel a sense of relief when I’m back to the slow pace of my suburban life. London can be very overwhelming.


On saying that though, I hope that my exciting plans spring to life soon so that I can drive some of my hyped up energy somewhere productive. Drive being the key word especially once I get my Mini Cooper Winking smile

 Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are, whatever you’re doing! x


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