The Waiting Game

Finally, Britain had a weekend that resembled summer! Blue skies, birds singing and trees gently waving in a mild breeze. And doesn’t the sunshine get people out? Generally there were just lots of people scattered around all over the place over the last two days. Obviously everyone is making the most of the rare nice weather while they can. We spent a good deal of yesterday at the allotment and Polly pug joined us for the first time. We tied her to the bench with plenty of shade and she really enjoyed herself. I weeded and watered for a while and although I’m very happy we’ve finally got some better weather yesterday wasn’t really ideal gardening conditions as it was just so hot.


Polly definitely had the best idea: snoozing away the day in the sun!


While removing the many hundreds of unwanted weeds on our plot yesterday I came to the conclusion that July is going to be the month of waiting around for us. Its quite an exciting but at the same time frustrating time. Its exciting because lots is on the horizon however I don’t know how much longer I can wait for it all.


It is most certainly all about to kick off very soon! Firstly, our breeder has been in touch to say that she is still waiting for puppies to be born but hopes for them to arrive within this week. Another sort of milestone event is that we think Polly is about to come into season at any minute now – she is about the right age and she has a lot of signs indicating that she is going into heat. I have no idea what to expect from that!


I’m also waiting for some documents to come through from the DVLA to sort my car/number plates out and these could take another few weeks so I can’t have my new car until this has been sorted out. And one more thing that I’m still waiting for is my examination results form way back in June.

I’m crossing my fingers for lots of ups towards the end of July!


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